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Posted 1 May 04


Sen. Boxer To Investigate Closure Of Bakersfield Plant


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A Shell refinery worker is speaking out in spite of internal warnings that doing so could cost him his job.  


The insider -- who wished to remain anonymous -- said the Rosedale Shell refinery is making record profits, and that it is closing the refinery in order to boost the company's profits even higher. 


He said closing the local refinery will help keep gas prices above $2 a gallon, and that means bigger profits for the remaining California refineries.


"Shell has lied to our community, to our government," the man said. "They have lied and led people to believe that there's an inadequate supply of crude oil to run that refinery."


Sen. Barbara Boxer has asked Shell for an internal audit to prove what Shell has said are the reason's it is closing the Bakersfield refinery: lack of heavy crude and lack of profits.


Shell said it would respond to Boxer's letter sometime in the next few days.


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