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Business Times (Malaysia): Globalisation presents a challenge: “Domestically, Shell Malaysia's discovery of two new oil fields last year namely Malikai-1 and Gumusut in Sabah will open more engineering supply and service opportunities in 2005.” ( 3 Jan 05


Jan 03, 2005


IR. KARIM ABDULLAH Serba Dinamik Sdn Bhd MD Q: HOW do you see the economy in 2005? A: A country's economy is very much linked to the political stability of that nation and in Malaysia, under the leadership of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the economy is showing superb stability. Malaysia, holding the chairmanship for the Non-Aligned Movement and the Organisation of Islamic Countries, has positioned it as an attractive country in which to invest. Abdullah's friendly and effective leadership has also given foreign investors confidence. Domestically, the anti-corruption drive by the Government and serious effort in restructuring the government-linked companies has gained praise and instilled confidence in local business captains. All these factors are positive signs for a much better economy for 2005.


Q: Prospects for the oil and gas industry in 2005? A: This sector is extremely healthy and the prospects for the future look very promising as there is no readily accepted alternative energy to replace oil and gas to date. Domestically, Shell Malaysia's discovery of two new oil fields last year namely Malikai-1 and Gumusut in Sabah will open more engineering supply and service opportunities in 2005. China has been a major importer of oil and gas-related products and will open up business opportunities for producers/manufacturers in Malaysia.


Serba Dinamik as a provider of Total Engineering And Maintenance (TEAM) packages has a proven track record with companies such as the Petronas group of companies and also its profit sharing concept (PSC) contractors in Malaysia. In 2005, Serba Dinamik will proudly offer the market its TEAM package which comprises strategic asset management, proven reliability centred maintenance, input to increase the reliability and efficiency of plants/platforms and reversed engineering technology (where applicable). Serba Dinamik is expanding to include overseas operations in West Asia.


Serba Dinamik's Qatar projects will contribute significantly to its 2005 revenue taking into account the rapid on-going development and expansion of oil and gas sector in Qatar and its neighbouring countries.


Q: Name one area that you think Malaysia should improve upon in 2005 to make businesses prosper? A: Malaysia should ensure it emphasises and practises good corporate governance across all business-related sectors involving both private and government institutions.


Q: What are the challenges anticipated in your sector this year? A: The globalisation policy, allowing new players from competitive countries to participate in contracting jobs, presents a challenge.


However, the technology edge offered by Serba Dinamik such as new value-added products and services will assist to position it as a preferred supplier. Political stability in West Asia is also extremely important to ensure a safe and secure business environment.


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