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Tony Tighe

Global TV

January 7, 2004


Anyone who's vehicle engine was damaged by a bad additive in Shell Gasoline 2 years ago, has until May 7th to apply for compensation.


In 2001 and 2002, Shell Bronze gas contained an additive that was clogging up fuel systems in some newer model vehicles.


Hundreds of drivers across Canada had to replace fuel pumps and fuel gauges or have their gas tanks and gas lines cleaned out.


Shell admitted the problem and agreed to pay for some of the repairs at the time but two car owners in Ontario and B.C. filed a class action lawsuit for more money.


Shell has now agreed to pay the expenses for anyone in Canada who hasn't been compensated yet.


There are some conditions to the settlement.


Only people who filled up with a minimum of 100 dollars of Shell gas between March 2001 and April of 2002, qualify.


Shell will pay for repairs to the fuel pump, fuel sensor and fuel-sending unit and out-of-pocket expenses, before July 31st 2002.


There are also some restrictions to the amount of money you will qualify to receive depending what you drive.


Shell will fully reimburse you if you own a 1996 to 2002 Chrysler vehicle.


Shell will only pay a maximum of $175 for other 1996 to 2002 vehicles. (ie: Ford, GM, Toyota etc.)


If you own a vehicle made before 1996 Shell will only pay out a maximum of $100.


Simone Marler of Shell Canada in Calgary says their research shows only Chrysler vehicles could be linked directly to the fuel additive problem.


"For other vehicles it was less clear the additive was the only factor. There are many reasons why the fuel pump and fuel gauge can fail. Wear and tear, age and that was acknowledged in the agreement."


You have to prove you bought Shell gas and paid for the repairs to receive compensation.


Shell says you can provide receipts, credit card statements and even Air Miles records to show you bought gas.


To prove you paid for the repairs you need an invoice from a mechanic outlining what caused the problem.


"We need a bit more information. We need evidence there was a brown residue on the failed fuel pump or fuel gauge. The mechanic would normally write that on the repair bill and that would be ample evidence", says Marler.


If you don't have receipts Shell says you can sign a legal affidavit or an oath as proof.


Shell has set up a special phone number to file a claim, 1-866-691-2697.


You can also file a claim on line at



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