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Dear Alfred


It is nice hearing from you and once again, thank you for the inspiring paper that was presented on your behalf at the NUOS Convention recently held at Lincoln Nebraska. Your material has motivated a lot of us and we can assure you that you're not alone in the battle to seek justice against Shell for its corrupt and inhuman activities.


My colleagues and I are very concerned to hear about the threatened committal proceedings against Dr John Huong.


Under the circumstance can you please send to the relevant Malaysian High Court Judge a copy of a CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT which my fellow Plaintiffs and I have brought against the Royal Dutch Shell Group in the US Courts?


I refer to Law suit, Civil Number 02 CV 7618, in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, which has recently been given consent to proceed. Berger & Montague P.C. a leading class action law firm based in Philadelphia is acting for my fellow Plaintiffs which include my father, Bishop John-Miller.


Sir Philip Watts, the former Group Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group who was recently forced to resign following the reserves scandal, was deposed in London in April 2004 in relation to our law suit.


I hope that the Judge will be willing to read and take the content of our CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT into account on the basis that I am willing, if asked, to supply a sworn affidavit to the Malaysian High Court confirming the truthfulness of my testimony as set out in the CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT.


I feel sure my fellow plaintiffs will be willing to do likewise including Mr Charles Wiwa, the nephew of the late Nobel Laureate Ken Saro-Wiwa who was executed by the Nigerian authorities in 1995 after leading a peaceful campaign against Shell’s activities in Ogoniland. As you may be aware, Shell management has now admitted that its conduct in Nigeria fed the violence and the conflict.


Please extend our best wishes to Dr. Huong and sound it loud and clear to him that he's not alone in this battle for justice. The entire Ogoni students are behind him and God willing, we'll succeed.


Anslem John-Miller

President, National Union of Ogoni Students


"We are going to demand our rights peacefully, non-violently, and we shall WIN!"


-Ken Saro-Wiwa


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