Royal Dutch Shell Group .com Tainted Gas Leads To Class-Action Suit: Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Shell Oil


Posted 2 June 04


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A lawsuit was filed Tuesday against Shell Oil Co. in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.


The $75,000 suit names Shell Oil Co., Shell Oil Products and Motiva Enterprises. The dollar amount was set so that the suit could be filed in federal court, but the actual dollar amount is expected to be much higher.


According to a release from the lawyers who filed the suit, the "class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Florida's consumers against Shell and others as a result of the sale of Shell's tainted gasoline containing dangerously high levels of sulfur. The gasoline has already damaged the fuel gauges of thousands of automobiles, and experts fear that unknown future damages to engine component may result from the use of the tainted fuel."


The suit also asks Shell to set up an inspection to make sure there is no long-term damage to cars and if there is Shell should fix it. Shell set up a hot line for drivers who think they may have used tainted gas. The number is (866) 562-6690.


The company has not yet commented on the lawsuit.


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