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THE LONDON TIMES: Quiz of the Year: A disgraced lord, a goddess sent to jail and oil that went missing: 13. Name the former Shell chairman who had to resign over the “missing reserves” scandal” ( 27 Dec 04


December 27, 2004


Compiled by Martin Waller, Gabriel Rozenberg, Joe Bolger, Peter Klinger, Richard Irving and Jon Ashworth


How closely were you watching the events of 2004? Put your knowledge to the test in our quiz


1. Werner Seifert, Swiss chief executive of the Deutsche Börse, which is attempting to take over the London Stock Exchange, is an enthusiastic player of which instrument?


(a) Spanish guitar


(b) Glockenspiel


(c) Hammond organ


2. Which of the following was put up for sale on eBay?


(a) An aircraft carrier


(b) Someone’s estranged wife’s wedding dress


(c) A toasted cheese sandwich resembling the Virgin Mary


d) All of them


3. Which London landmark proved less popular with tenants than architectural pundits?


4. Who was the “deputy chancellor” who had his final Budget in March?


5. An American high-flyer baled out of Britain’s bid to capture the 2012 Olympics. Was it:


(a) Dame Marjorie Scardino


(b) Barbara Cassani


(c) Roseanne Barr


6. Which elderly and obscure Chilean mining company unexpectedly made it into the mighty FTSE 100 index in the spring?


7. To head off the riots that marred earlier events, this year’s G8 summit of leading nations was held at an island resort off the shore of which US state?


(a) Utah


(b) Georgia


(c) California


8. A rival newspaper’s rich-list put the worth of the disgraced Lord Black of Crossharbour at how much?


(a) £1.75 million


(b) £17.5 million


(c) £175 million


9. Which rescuer of a titanic Anglo-French venture died in September?


10. Which high-profile public servant announced that he was joining the board of Travelex?


11. Which triumverate of football and racing enthusiasts bought Westminster Healthcare in October?


12. What is the annual cost to the Bank of England of defending the action brought by the liquidators of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International?


(a) £1 million


(b) £6 million


(c) £21 million


13. Name the former Shell chairman who had to resign over the “missing reserves” scandal


14. Which marketing man replaced George Cox as director-general of the Institute of Directors?


15. Which industry leader said: “America is the most protectionist nation in the Western world”?


16. A leading business figure was rejected as chairman of J Sainsbury after a shareholder revolt. Was it:


(a) Philip Green


(b) Mohamed Al Fayed


(c) Sir Ian Prosser


17. Which former merchant banker was made chairman of Crossrail, so raising hopes that the much-delayed rail link might actually be built?


18. Which former England rugby captain had links with a company that was censured by the London Stock Exchange in September?


19. Which Big Four partner was confirmed as Britain’s best-paid accountant?


20. Which two UK business chiefs were each jailed for six years in July for defrauding banks and investors?


21. Martha Stewart turned up for court appearances in New York carrying which unusual accessories?


(a) Her pet chow chows, Paw Paw and Zu Zu


(b) Signed copies of her book Parties and Projects for the Holidays


(c) Two $6,000 Hermès Birkin handbags


22. The London Stock Exchange set up a rival dealing service in which European capital?


(a) Moscow


(b) Amsterdam


(c) Paris


23. Paul Davidson, the investor who had a complicated run-in with the Financial Services Authority, is known by what nickname?


(a) The Janitor


(b) The Decorator


(c) The Plumber


24. Directors of which South African company were cleared to visit America for the first time in 50 years without risking arrest?


25. Which coincidentally named, mega-rich City player was unwittingly drawn into a Financial Services Authority inquiry when he bought shares in Marks & Spencer?


26. Who is the former Rail Regulator who stood down this summer?


27. GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceuticals group, wanted to pay part-time non-executive directors how much?


(a) £30,000


(b) £60,000


(c) £90,000



28. Which travel group complained that customers were increasingly choosing to book close to their travel date, making it difficult to predict future sales?


29. Which politician said: “No one has ever devalued their way to prosperity”?


30. Name the London Stock Exchange chief executive made redundant in an “amicable” departure in February

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