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The New York Times: Raised Sulfur Levels in Gas Reported




Published: May 28, 2004


SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) -- A Houston-based oil refinery is asking the Shell and Texaco stations it supplies to stop selling regular and mid-grade gasoline that was shipped through the Port of Tampa or Broward County's Port Everglades.


Motiva Enterprises says the fuel it provided to about 450 stations might contain too much sulfur, which wouldn't affect engine performance but could cause faulty gas gauge readings.


``It may show you are full, but in fact you're on empty,'' said Helen Bow, a Motiva spokeswoman.


The company isn't sure what caused the problem, Bow said.


The affected stations were asked to shut down regular and mid-grade gasoline pumps, and offer premium gas at regular prices.


Though Motiva said the problem, discovered through tests, has only been seen in gas shipments coming through the Tampa and Broward ports, the company is testing other terminals it uses in Pensacola and Orlando.



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