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NBC News: Shell Plans To Close Refinery; Gas Prices May Rise


POSTED: 9:52 pm PDT April 6, 2004


Consumer Advocates Want State Attorney General To File Lawsuit


Gas prices may get much higher because of the controversy surrounding a Bakersfield refinery.


Shell Oil Products plans to close and demolish its refinery in September, according to internal documents released Tuesday by an activist group.


Consumer advocates say Californians will suffer at the pump.


"Already, we pay about 50 cents higher that any other state in the country. By limiting the supply, we are going to go from 13 refineries in California down to 12. It could impact the cost of gas to go up to 5 to 10 cents just because of this one closure. This is one of the largest facilities," said Jerry Flanagan of the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights.


The group is asking attorney general Bill Lockyer to file a lawsuit against Shell.

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