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27 January, 1995

Marketing Week: Irate Don hits Shell investors (27/01/95)

24 March, 1995

Marketing Week: In the latest chapter in the long-running legal dispute between Don Marketing and Shell UK (MW February 24), the oil giant has broken its silence by publicly casting doubt on the sales promotion agency's financial position.(24/03/95)

26 May, 1995

Marketing Week: Don takes its payment fight to Shell's AGM (26/05/95)

2 June, 1995

Marketing Week: “picketing Shell's London headquarters” (2/06/95)

8 September, 1995

Marketing Week: “Shell UK and Don Marketing” (8/09/95)

May, 1997

PIRC INTELLIGENCE: MAY 1997 SHELL TRANSPORT AGM: Sea Change at Shell - Shareholders Send a Message

15 November, 1997

The Guardian: "Unloveable Shell, the goddess of oil": “in its wake, says Andrew Rowell, lies a trail of corruption, despoliation and death”

16 April, 1998

Marketing Week: High Court action by promotional agency Don Marketing could delay national roll-out of scheme (16/04/98) 

23 April, 1998

Marketing Week: Shell action fuels copyright conflict: "Don Marketing's latest High Court writ against Shell is its fourth since 1992. All have been settled out of court"

7 May, 1998

Marketing Week: ASA dragged into Shell UK Smart battle (7/05/98)

28 May, 1998

Marketing Week: Don Marketing posts warning about Shell (28/05/98)

11 August, 1998

The Independent: 'Growing mistrust' behind Shell's fall: “Alex.Brown, cites a "growing sense of mistrust" as a prime reason for the dramatic decline in the oil giant's shares since Mark Moody-Stuart took over.”

29 August, 1998

Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell Settle FTC Charges

19 September, 1998

The Independent: Shell's profits warning wipes £1.8bn off shares: “The bombshell was delivered by Shell chairman Mark Moody-Stuart who was in San Francisco speaking to fund managers.”

23 September, 1998

The Independent: Shell shocked by view from Duisenberg:  “Last week's profits warning from Mark Moody-Stuart, chairman of Shell Transport & Trading and now the most senior executive in the group, unnerved the market”

6 November, 1998

The Independent: Shell shocks analysts with 56pc plunge: Mr Moody-Stuart was given a rough ride by analysts about the "abysmal results"

11 December, 1998

The Independent: Shell in top-level shake-up: "Moody-Stuart was at odds with some of his Dutch colleagues over the chief executive idea. He is believed, however, to feel that the current collegiate approach, where power is concentrated in the hands of five managing directors, is better for Shell than a single dominating chief executive."

14 December, 1998

The Independent: Shell to spell out wide-ranging cuts: “The group announced last week that it had appointed Paul Skinner and Phil Watts as chief executives at its key oil products, and exploration and production divisions respectively, replacing committees of executives."

15 December, 1998

The Independent: Shell to cut $2.5bn in costs and at least 4,000 more jobs Details of the group's five-year revival plan were spelt out to analysts and fund managers in London and New York during a 90-minute conference that began with a blunt admission from Mr Moody-Stuart that Shell's reputation with investors was "on the line".

25, February 1999

Marketing Week: Judge Shell by actions not words 25/02/99

29 June, 1999

Sunday Telegraph: Promotions expert claims Shell stole his Smart card idea

21 July, 2000

Radio Netherlands: Shell On Shaky Foundation

17 June, 2001

MI6 'Firm' Spied on Green Groups (Sunday Times archive article 17 June 2001)

28 July, 2001 Shell under pressure over Ogoniland

11 August, 2001 Brazilian police accuse Shell of eco-crime

8 September, 2001 Shell contests Brazil toxic site report

1 October, 2001 Oil Giant Could Do Better in Nigeria: “where the contrast between the region's poverty and its mineral wealth has fuelled unrest”

3 November, 2001 Shell subsidiary takes the fizz out of global warming

28 December, 2001

Radio Netherlands: Shell & The Ogoni People?

28 February, 2002

Wiwa v. Royal Dutch Petroleum (Shell):
United States District Judge rules case can proceed under the Alien Tort Claims Act, the Torture Victim Protection Act and RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act.

15 March, 2002

The Guardian: Sir Peter Holmes, Improbable, buccaneering chairman of Shell oil

4 May, 2002 US: Oil Firms Responsible for Selling Product with 'Malice'

18 July, 2002

London Evening Standard: Watts - the power behind Shell

25 February, 2004 UK: Best social and environmental reporters recognised

19 March, 2004 A Royal Dutch Mess

23 March, 2004


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