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Malaysian HIGH HIGH COURT ORDER FOR Removal of Postings at


Mr. Donovan,


"In accordance with this Writ and Court order I, Dr. John Huong Yiu Tuong, confirm that I am no longer posting any materials at the website Any reference to Shell, its management and officials, in particular to Shell Malaysia will be the sole responsibility of the owner/operator of the website, Mr Alfred Donovan. I have notified Mr Donovan in writing to remove from his website all information supplied by me. I have further informed him that he has no authority to act, speak, publish or take any action on my behalf.


Although I am grateful for the facility Mr Donovan has previously provided, strict compliance with this Court Order is foremost to my case. I have therefore asked him to respect the Court Order and my express instructions/wishes in this important matter.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Dr. John Huong Yiu Tuong


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