THE LIBEL ACTION: At a hearing in Kuala Lumpur on or around 23 September 2004 before a Judge in the High Court of Malaya, lawyers acting for Dr John Huong argued that the EIGHT companies within the Royal Dutch Shell Group who brought a defamation action against Dr Huong did so in the wrong legal jurisdiction. The Judge will make a ruling on the matter in November.

Dr Huong in any event rejects the charge of defamation on the basis that Shell has no reputation to protect; it is now ranked alongside the ranks of WorldCom and Enron in public notoriety and global odium having been responsible for what has been publicly described on BBC television for the biggest fraud in history; the oil and gas reserves scandal. Furthermore, other parties have publicly described Shell's conduct as being wicked and evil long before Dr Huong passed any public comment on their activities in Nigeria and elsewhere.  

The news as of November 2004 is that the libel action is stayed pending an appeal on the grounds indicated above. 

CASE BROUGHT AGAINST SHELL BY DR HUONG FOR WRONGFUL DISMISSAL Shell whistleblower, Dr John Huong, a Shell geologist of almost 30 years standing faces Shell in court today in his action for wrongful dismissal against his former employer: 15 June 2005: Read the article

THE BORNEO POST: Former employee suing Shell: "Dr John Huong, an ex-Shell employee, is suing Shell in the Industrial Court here, alleging that he had been unfairly dismissed by the company." Posted 22 June 2005: Read the article

The Borneo Post: Shell vs Dr John Huong trial adjourned to Nov 15: "Dr Huong, an ex-Shell employee, is suing the company, alleging that he was unfairly dismissed.": "Huong, a geologist by qualification, had worked with Shell for almost 30 years before his dismissal on March 28, 2003." Posted 23 June 2005: Read the article

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