Royal Dutch Shell Group .com Shell alienates and defrauds almost an entire country

Tuesday 10 January 2006: 10.40am EST


By a Shell Insider (Headline solely by


The litigation announced yesterday may well have a significant effect on the wider perception of Shell in the Netherlands.


The fact that a large proportion of the Dutch population is now involved in litigation against Shell will not be lost on the Dutch government. The Dutch government are unlikely to provide their customary support for a company which has uniquely managed to alienate and allegedly defraud almost the entire country. The Dutch populace are renowned for their fiscal prudence, and may not be amused to hear that their pension funds have been defrauded by Shell.


A BP takeover of Shell will require EU approval. A few months ago BP requested clarification from the EU of the EU's historical requirement that two EU based oil companies of international standing were required to ensure the wider interests of the EU. This was seen as blocking any possible merger of Shell and BP. BP cited the growth of Total as creating a third EU oil company of international standing. I wonder what the EU is thinking now? BP publicised their request to the EU for the clarification, but I have never seen a response...


Related Article: The relevant court document can be viewed via this link:
(select "Complaint (filed copy).PDF")



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