Royal Dutch Shell Group .com The picture (left) is from the current issue of the bi-monthly in-house Shell magazine, ‘Shell Venster’, circulated to all Shell Dutch employees and pensioners. The  photograph is of Royal Dutch Shell Plc Company Secretary  Michiel Brandjes and his assistant, screwing a new nameplate to our official head office. The Dutch caption says: “ Small nameplate mirrors large cause”.

The cause of is indeed large: Nothing less than Shell senior management abiding with Shell's own ethical code -the SGBP - pledging honesty, integrity and openness in all of Shell's dealings. A switch from fraud, lies, cover-up and deceit would be a novelty.

The fact that Shell's oldest adversary, Alfred Donovan (89 in April) is the undisputed owner of the domain name for Shell's $200 BILLION new company is a permanent humiliating testimony to the incredible incompetence of the scandal ridden senior management of Shell.





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