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Two faces of Shell: Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Executive Officer, Jeroen van der Veer and the owner of Alfred Donovan

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Jeroen is the Chief Executive Officer
of Royal Dutch Shell Plc
Jeroen is the boss of bosses of the world's
second largest oil company having a market value
of $235 BILLION: Royal Dutch Shell Plc
MEMORY LOSS: Jeroen was faced with a potential
 20 year jail sentence after signing accounts 
that massively overstated oil and gas reserves.
Jeroen lost a third of Shell's hydrocarbon
 reserves during five restatements
COURT PROBLEMS: A US Federal Judge gave his
 consent in August 2005  for a securities
fraud case to proceed against Jeroen in
respect of the scandals which has put
put Shell's reputation in terms of global
 odium on par with the likes of Enron.
PENSION STABILITY: Jeroen has agreed to pay
$90 million dollars to settle a pension fund claim
from Shell's USA employees arising from the
reserves scandal. A High Court Judge has found
that Shell "unlawfully" misappropriated funds
belonging to its Malaysian employees
OVERSPENDING:: Jeroen has admitted to being
"staggered" at the $10 BILLION DOLLAR
 cost overrun at the delayed Sakhalin-2 project
in Russia.  He seems to have forgotten that he
bears ultimate responsibility for this latest debacle
 Shell disputes with the Donovan's,
including a domain name battle in 2005, Jeroen
  has at his disposal over 119,000 Shell employees,
 undercover agents and an army of lawyers
LANGUAGE SKILLS: Jeroen speaks
 a number of languages including  a strange
 lingo full of unintelligible jargon. Perhaps this
is the mythical language known as double-dutch?
PERSONALITY: Jeroen has been described in
a article as having all of
the charisma of a piece of wet lettuce
ROYAL CONNECTIONS:  Jeroen apparently has
delusions of grandeur - perhaps arising from
 the "Royal" prefix  to the Royal Dutch Shell name.
His fleet of four luxury executive jets which each
 cost about £19.5m, are fitted with cocktail bars,
thick carpets and hi-fi systems. Apparently its
nothing but the best for this high flying Dutchman
and alleged fraudster
was reported that Shell is appointing a digital agency with
 "experience in turning around corporate reputations"
"Shell seeks agency for online makeover"
Jeroen is going to need all the help he can get!

The Wall Street Journal sketch above is reproduced
 in accordance with our "Fair Use Notice"
Alfred is an 90 year old disgruntled former Shell
 marketing consultant  (co-owner of this website)
Alfred owns the top level domain name
which Shell unsuccessfully tried to seize in 2005
MEMORY LOSS: Alfred lost his walking stick
 while out shopping. However some traumatic
memories never fade: The Independent: Lies,
cover-ups, fat cats and an oil giant in crisis;
 Evening Standard: Shell 'has lied for 10 years'
COURT PROBLEMS: Alfred has received a fine
 for driving at 37 miles per hour within a 30 miles
per hour speed limit. Alfred would ideally like to
take Shell directors to court for all of the threats
made against him and his son over the years
at their behest and directly by a Shell Chairman
PENSION STABILITY: Alfred has never had to sue
the British Army in respect of his war disability
  pension, even though it has been coughing 
up for it longer than it probably anticipated.
Unlike Shell the Army has a caring attitude
and does not censor former employees
OVERSPENDING: Alfred decided to go wild
and  invest in some Viagra but then forgot
 why he wanted it. He has decided to postpone
 plans to purchase a fleet of of luxury jets after
 scandal ridden Shell has cornered the market
 butler, no chauffeur, no spies, no lawyers, no
 private jets and no employees - just his son John
 - plus this low cost  global platform on which to 
exercise his rights to freedom of expression
LANGUAGE SKILLS: At his age Alfred has
to collect his thoughts before he says anything.
 He is however still capable of writing a lucid
blunt article about Royal Dutch Shell
PERSONALITY: Alfred has been described as
 a "hard nut to crack". Jeroen would probably agree
 with one word of that description
ROYAL CONNECTIONS: In 1999 Alfred warned
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands about a
"a culture of deception and cover-up deeply
ingrained at the highest levels of Shell”.
Unfortunately Queen Beatrix  ignored his warnings.
According to a Sunday Times article in 2004
the Dutch royal family lost £250,000 million on
 Shell shares as a result of the reserves scandal
SHELL TESTIMONIAL: For over a decade, Alfred has been
acclaimed by Shell management for his communication
skills, including innovative utilisation of the Internet. Please
read the astonishing testimonial in 1995 in recognition
of Alfred's unrivalled expertise in goading Shell
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