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Sakhalin II: A blunt message to Putin from Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Executive, Jeroen van der Veer: 18 Sept 2006

ďMr President: here's my digital response to your blackmail tactics"

(Top Secret memo to fellow Shell execs: Hope short-arse doesn't find out the true cost of this white elephant project - $26 billion!) 

RIA Novosti (Moscow): Sakhalin 2 is under a legal siege (15 Sept 2006)

Mail On Sunday: Russia bids to grab £6bn Shell project: Oil giantís fury over Kremlin blackmail plot (10 Sept 2006)

Reuters: Putin slams Shell's Sakhalin costs: Wed Nov 2, 2005: READ

Disclaimer: The above satirical representation is attributed to Mr Van der Veer purely in jest. We are sure he is too much of a gentleman to make any such gesture or remark.


Previous comment attributed in jest to Jeroen  van der Veer: -

Message from Royal Dutch Shell Plc CEO, Jeroen ("the finger") van der Veer, to new SEC Chairman, Christopher Cox, after Cox brands Shell's reserves scandal a fraud : Sat 8 Oct 05

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