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From: Sabir Mohammed S <>

Subject: for clearing dues Shell India Cheats and Lies...

Date: 24 January 2013 06:14:06 GMT


Dear Sirs,

This is to get it to your notice what’s happening in Shell India. One of the worst management i have seen.

Mr Ravi Sundarajan telling lies and cheating the retailers and the top management. All cheaters and liars.

I am Sabir, been as retailer from May 2006-Jun 2012. I regret joining Shell, spoiled my career. Almost 7 months now, i am being held on ransom,” give no dues certificate then Shell will release my bank guarantee”. Why should i give no-due certificate with following amounts due?

1. I have not been paid part of my TE in Q1 & Q2 2011 as per business plan.

2. Cash pick-up charges have been deducted from my bank account for July’12, Aug’12 & Sept’12.

3. I have been given 15 days notice by Mr Thoman(DM) & Ms Deepti(TM).

4. Rs 31471 have been deducted from Q2 2012, as i have shown as savings.

5. Rs 55,000 have been deducted as lubes differential, i picked it up from fellow retailer. I have Mr Thomans mail appealing to the retailers to help Mr Pradeep ex Retailer Davangere.

6. Rs 27000 is being paid for cancelling the licenses, the actual amount is Rs 36000.

7. Have never been paid full disruption allowance after every quarter & no explanation given for the short payment.

8. Income Tax scrutiny money not paid to us. Scrutiny happened because the sale dropped drastically from 2008 onwards.

When wrote to Mr Ravi Sundarajan, he is telling lies. I am ashamed that Shell market leader is a liar and a cheat, what can i expect from his sub-ordinates.

No wonder the following retailers left without final settlement. Mr Arun, Mr Dominic,Mr Azeem,Mr Stefen,Mr Gopi, etc.

Other unhappy retailers who fought and left Shell are Mr Bharat, Mr Anthony, Mr Pradeep, Mr Deviah, Mr Madukar, Mr Sajith, Mr Mahadevan, Mr Satish, Mrs Sujimani etc,all these retailers are branded as non-performers.(this is only Karnataka retailers, list will be bigger if i collect full India). Calculate the % of the retailers......Please name one guy who has left satisfied??????

If you think i am non-performer type i would like to highlight

1. I was selected to represent Shell for petrosafe quiz in 2007 because of my job-knowledge

2. I have trained TM’s, DM’s & different teams in my RO because of my good hands-on operations.

3. Pilot batch of oil change started in my RO for case study.

4. Have been recognised as best retailer when Mrs Deepanjali Sengupta was my TM.

5. Retailer who recruited and successfully managed with Mentally Challenged Staff.

6. Have achieved consistently good MMP from last 2 years 2010 & 2011.

For top management what matters are the numbers, not how it’s done. My then TM Mr Giri Prasad Nair himself have suggested me to close a ULP post-mix pump to sell Super in Gudahalli. I did not do it as i know customer service, so i am a non-performer. When Mr Giri Prasad Nair was TM of white filed RO, there were about 48 cross-fuellings in a quarter, all the retailers and the TM know about it. So the TM and that retailer is a good performer. All this is happening under Mr Ravi’s nose, he is in deep slumber. I am copying this mail to all my
fellow retailers, who knows about it, who can authenticate. Please study your people, then brand me as non-performer.

Mr Giri Prasad Nair used to do TMSR from home and mark me down while for his favourites he used to give 98% sitting at home. Retailers had complained about this to Mr Thoman, the result is TMSR with vengeance – fail the retailers NOW. So much for fair for further details about manipulation.

I took over from Mr Satish i was league table topper.
Mr Srinivas Reddy gets transferred to this region, he was the league table topper.
Mr Rajnikath took over from Mr Madhukaren, Mr Rajnikath was league table topper.
Mr Saravanan took over from Mr Dominic, Mr Saravanan was league table topper.
Mr Suresh took over from Mr Stefan, Mr Suresh was league table topper.

Mr TM and Mr DM decides who is the toppers in the league table to justify their transfer of the retailers. (just take the league table details and the RBA contract dates to cross verify these facts)

It’s 7 months now, have you guys doubled the sale in my RO’s??? You are able to sell better number of lubes because of 4-wheeler oil change, which as per HSSE we are not supposed to do it(have mail from Mr Sangeet Tandon from lubes). But how are you guys bothered about HSSE, you are getting the numbers you are happy to be blind.

Mr Thoman gave a negative feedback to a job referral to make sure that i will not have a good break. He would have forgotten about my work before the metro construction started. Good job Mr Thoman.(you only recruited me,invited me again & again when i was not joining you). Why did you recruit me and kept me for 6 years, if i was not performing? What pinched him was me using SUV for 4wheeler, racer bike for 2 wheeler, iphone and apple laptop. He was vocal about the same in our group meetings..

I am also non-performer because of my unfair targets. Will forward you he mail about the targets i have written earlier to Mr Ravi, Mr Tanmoy,Mr Thoman and Mr Giri, for your reference. Result – throw me out of job by proving i am a non-performer.

If not possible to work fairly, why pretend? Change your SGBP for India, You have good leaders who can cheat openly. Almost all of them are cheaters..

I am sure Shell is being kept in dark about the happenings in India.Shell please wake-up and do save our retailer community in India. Some one please do exit-interviews of the retailers who have left and do justice to people who serve you.

In India bribes are being taken and are being paid by the management in name of consultancy fees and incidental charges. I am sure like wise the top management in HO is being fooled by the Indian management into believing the well being of the retailers.

Shell pays bribe to get licences through Mr Jagadish, to get stamping of pumps & 5 ltr jars through Oilco, to labour authorities through Mr Uday etc etc.. This comes under which clause of Shell rules Mr Ravi Sundarajan?? Mr Giri Prasad Nair was himself directly involved in paying bribe to sales tax dept when our tanker was seized by the authorities(for stock transfer from MR1 without form 39) during opening of Lalbagh outlet, about Rs 40,000 was paid and claimed in business plan also.

I am going to take legal action to recover my dues. I will fight for all the dues and CR margins, which was changed without my consent in writing. My legal consultant is going through the RBA

Advise to fellow retailers, please don’t be fool like me, i gave resignation as they wanted and they are holding it against me. Thoman, deepti & KAR retailers are aware of the facts. I was advised to take 2-3 days of fuel sale cash and settle with Shell, did not do so, my mistake. Now i am doing this from past 7 months for my final settlement. I have a legal consultant who is going through RBA. Will take it up legally. Thanks Guys.





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From: Sabir Mohammed S <>

Date: Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 10:11 AM

Subject: half & final settlement


Dear Ravi,

I would like to get it to your notice that my final settlement is not yet done since i have quit 4 months back.

The following issues need to be addressed to

1. My TE for Q1 & Q2 2011 was not paid completely as per the business plan. I was in talks with Mr Thoman from 2011 onwards, it was said to me that it will be taken care of. Now he claims ignorance.

2. I was given only 15 days notice and not 3 months notice as per the RBA.

I would like to have a written confirmation as to why these settlements are not being done as per written agreements & by when my final settlement will be done.

I have given a clean handover and the way i am being treated only proves that we cannot trust Shell and should have taken the path which dozen of other retailers did, settled unethically by not paying lubes, vendors, maintain zero balance in account etc. I was a fool, didn't take this advice from my fellow retailers, have expected Shell to be fair.

I had given Mr Thoman's contact details for reference for a job, he gave a very negative feedback making sure that i will not get a good break, this type of sadist people you have. I have done good lubes sale inspite of low volumes i.e, highest OFR in Karnataka (the favoured retailers were given lesser targets), my MMP was consistently 100 for almost 2 years. Sales problem is because of geographical conditions like Tumkur Road RO. Always shown savings in PnL, Lot of other things i would not like to boast about now.....

I shall not hesitate to share my experience with the world and take it through other channels, so that the other retailers are well prepared when parting ways and don't go with the bad experience. I was OK to give this away , but the way my settlement is treated after giving my 6 years to Shell, it shows how people are mismanaged by Shell , i would like to have full and final settlement. In case you are not able to pay please give me a written confirmation for the same, and the contact whom i can escalate this to.

It is very sad that we have to fight with Shell for what is rightfully ours. You guys made sure that most of the retailers who quit shell had a hell of a time by cheating them of money and time. The worst management i have seen without ethics and saving costs by taking away our money. God save the retailers.

You have holded my 9 lakh Rs for over 4 months when i don't have cash with me, i had to take money from outside to clear the lube and other payments..FYI...


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From: Sabir Mohammed S []

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 2:15 PM

To: Sundararajan, Ravi SIMPL-DRA/9

Subject: Fwd: half & final settlement

Dear Ravi,

Happy Diwali..

I am still waiting for your response, reasoning on the issues i think i am getting unfair deal.



On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 7:28 PM, <> wrote:

Dear Sabir,

Many thanks for your greetings and I wish you all the joys of the festive season.

On receipt of your mail dated 3.11.2012, I have made enquiries and find that payment to you is being effected in 3 parts:

1. Transfer to your bank account of Rs. 360,101.00 from Shell. I understand that this has been effected and the Settlement Advice shared with you by Deepti; 2. An amount of Rs. 25,281.00 is due to you from Standard Chartered Bank towards incorrect swipe of cash collection charges beyond the period of your Retailership with Shell. We have followed up closely with the bank and I believe a refund is under process. I would request you write to the bank to expedite action. We will continue to follow up from our side as well; 3.
There is a bank guarantee of approximately Rs. 4.99 lakhs.

In total, items 1,2 and 3 above amount to approximately Rs. 8.84 lakhs

and you have agreed to this amount in your mail dated 1.10.2012

On termination notice, I understand that you had resigned and requested to be relieved within 15 days, which we agreed to despite the challenges of finding another Retailer to take over at such short notice. In this connection, please refer to Clause 16.11 of the Retailer Business Agreement signed between Shell and Sana Enterprises, which deals with Retailer
Termination. On scrutiny of the case, I find that we have complied with the letter and spirit of contract and therefore no payment is due.

As mentioned to you by Deepti in her mail dated 12th November, she has been trying to get in touch with you to hand over the BG Discharge Letter. At the same time we would need a 'No Dues Certificate' from you and confirmation that you have changed the registered address of Sana Enterprises.

I suggest that you please respond to Deepti's mails / calls, arrange to meet her at the earliest with the 'No Dues Certificate' and we will be happy to discharge your bank guarantee.

I trust the above is to your satisfaction.

Best regards



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From: Sabir Mohammed S []
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 2:32 PM
To: Sundararajan, Ravi SIMPL-DRA/9
Cc: Xavier, Thoman SIMPL-DRA/97; Behl, Deepti SIMPL-DRA/933
Subject: Re: half & final settlement

Dear Ravi,

Thank You for the response.

Firstly, You have not replied about point 1, TE short paid for Q1 & Q2 2011. I have been following it up from long time with Mr Giri, Mr Thoman & Ms Deepti.

Secondly, on termination notice, I was asked to give handover to Mr RK by June end by Ms Deepti. So i got only 15 days notice period from Shell, you can check this out from Mr Thoman/Ms Deepti. I am copying them on this mail to authenticate the same.

In case anyone has forgotten what exactly happened,

I was told that i will be given a single RO, the other two would be taken away from me, i did not agree for the same. I replied to Mr Thoman & Ms Deepti that either i will handle all 3 RO's or I will resign. Mr Thoman suggested me to think over for two days and get back. Then after two days Ms Deepti met me at MG Road coffee shop and said that i should give handover to RK by on 30th June. Infact I said that it will be difficult in 15 days, she said that it would be very ideal from PnL accounting point of view,i.e,end of quarter.

So, the retailer who would takeover was already finalised before talking to me about taking away 2 RO's.

Lastly, i got a mail from Ms Deepti stating that the money has been deposited in my account by 9th Nov,when i replied that i didn't get it, then immediately i got mail saying that 5th Nov,as per finance,i got it. Am attaching screen shot from my bank account, for your reference.
Not yet received.

Mr Ravi, kindly request you to get the facts right from your people, hope this would be final mail from our end.

Thanks & Regards,




On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 11:07 AM, <> wrote:

On Dec 9, 2012, at 1:14 PM, <> <> wrote:

Dear Sabir,

I have reviewed the points made by you in your mail and wish to advise as follows:

1. TE short paid in Q1 & Q2, 2011: An amount of Rs. 20000 per month was paid extra during the first 6 months of 2011. The error was noticed and our Territory Manager at that time, Giriprasad Nair spoke to you on the targeted earning in business plan not as per the agreed recommendation on addition of third site in the cluster and the amount was adjusted in May and August 2011 as a part of the Quarterly Business Review. As such, I regret our inability to accept the claim;

2. Termination Notice: Attached please find a copy of your resignation letter dated 11.6.2012, stating that you are resigning as a retailer with effect from 1.7.2012. Please refer to Clause 16.11 of the Retailer Business Agreement signed between Shell and Sana Enterprises, which deals with Retailer Termination. It was your unsatisfactory performance of the sites
that forced us to consider reduction in the number of sites. Reduction in number of sites is permissible under Clause 2.2 of the Retailer Business Agreement. Your decision to resign and leave without the mandatory notice resulted in significant challenges for us to find a Retailer to take over at short notice. The question therefore is not of the notice period Shell gave to you but what you gave to Shell. Here again, I find there is no basis to entertain your claim;

3. I understand that an amount of Rs. 360,101.00 has since been credited to your bank account.

4. As mentioned in my earlier mail dated 16.11.2012, please take necessary action to respond to Deepti's mails / calls, arrange to meet her at the earliest with the 'No Dues Certificate' and we will be happy to discharge your bank guarantee.

Best regards


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