Royal Dutch Shell Group .com (Syria): Shell Syria general manager Campbell Keir: “Shell has a policy worldwide to promote diversity.”: "We are working to encourage Arabic staff to join Shell in the Middle East through specialists and young graduates. We are also actively encouraging women to work in Shell," ( 22 May 05


Syria, Business, 5/21/2005


Shell has a policy worldwide to promote diversity. This policy is to encourage interaction in the workplace of Shell world, said Shell Syria general manger Campbell Keir in a statement to Arabicnews on Shell's Syria sponsoring of the currently a big event in Syria -- the International Forum on Women in Business held on May 21- 22.


Highlighting Shell's history, Keir said that in the past 100 years Shell has been owned by Anglo-Saxon men especially at the service management level. As a global industry, he said "we want our workplace to reflect the nature of our business and benefiting of our clients." On the special attention given to women, Keir explained that Shell has a policy to actively encourage the employment and development of women in Shell's employees from different ethnic, cultural, ethical and cultural background.


As for the company's policy in the region, Keir detailed "We are working to encourage Arabic staff to join Shell in the Middle East through specialists and young graduates. We are also actively encouraging women to work in Shell," adding that it is good business to invest in women.


He added that one of the many things Shell does is to encourage the development and promotion of women in Business.


He said that women think differently from men, noting "we want women because they think differently and bring different views and opportunities for business."


He added that everywhere he worked in Europe, Malaysia, Thailand and now in Syria "we have the same policy to reflect a local culture and to adapt to this local culture."


He indicated that working women have different challenges from men. They look at the family, the children and parents. So, "we" in Shell believe "we have to adopt work style terms and conditions to work effectively."


He said that WIB forum will allow women to share success, their experiences and help each other to remove obstacles so as to be successful in businesses.


He added that by being a sponsor of this event, "we do hope to help women in business not only in Shell but in general."


He added that Shell has sponsored NGO's in the UK in similar and different events.


He said that the WIB forum is a good opportunity to promote Shell values in businesses, adding that one of our top executives from Amman, Fatimah Kahrousi, is taking part in the Forum.


On how their sponsorship methodology is, he said that Shell contributes to the society it works in. Citing Shell's experience to this effect in Syria, he said that "we like to help promote safety. We are supporting to teach road safety for children in Deir Ezz Zour, and to display items relating to health issues. He said that one hospital was built in al-Mayadeen ( north Syria) with the Syrian ministry of health, adding "we are buying an X-ray scanner at a cost of dollars 400,000 for Mayadeen hospital."


He said that Shell wants to access where we can assess" for business value. He indicated Shell is for businesses, but environment is important for it in contributing to the local environment.


Shedding light on Shell Syria tremendous activities, Keir said that Shell Syria is considered as one of the biggest foreign investors company in Syria. Syria Shell Petroleum BV started its operations in Syria since 1978 and contributed a great deal to the prosperity of the Syrian economy by using modern technology to produce oil and gas in cooperation with al-Furat Petroleum company.


He continued that the success of Shell operations in Syria is due to the fruitful cooperation and constructive coordination with the Ministry of Oil and Mineral resources, as well as the Syrian Petroleum Company. Through its operations, Shell is always keen to maintain its cooperation with many government bodies and NGO's in a multiplicity of developmental projects and different activities. Its deep working principles based on achieving its goals through seeking and developing new energy resources, initiated this and endeavored a high quality performance. Shell is committed towards its staff as it provides them with the best healthy working environment and encourages them to participate to their jobs planning and administration.


Keir concluded that Shell is committed to apply these principles through multiple working relations; consequently it enhances crucial values such frankness, communications, teamwork and higher degree of proficiency, noting that Shell Syria through its cooperation with the governmental and non- governmental authorities and by providing all support to reach a developed society, is a fully integrated part of it.


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