Royal Dutch Shell Group .com Shell and E.ON to Build 1,000 MW Wind Power Plant in UK: Wednesday 7 Sept 2005


Shell (UK/Netherlands), oil concern, and the power concern E.ON (Germany) plan to jointly build a 1,000 MW wind power plant on the UK coast. The oil concern BP (UK) is engaged in solar power engineering. Besides, oil concerns invest in biofuel production and study the use of hydrogen as an energy resource


Until recently, investments in alternative resources were unprofitable. It will take long before alternative resources can cover at least a part of the growing demand for energies worldwide. It is expected that oil production will culminate around 2030 at the latest in terms of volume. It will not disappear from the market then either, but mining from big depths in oil sands or slates will be much more expensive. Shell claims that renewable energy resources will cover roughly one third of global energy consumption around 2050. However, the demand for energies will be up to three times as high as it is in 2005.


Source: Access Czech Republic Business Bulletin


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