Royal Dutch Shell Group .com Royal Dutch Shell fails to deny $26 billion overrun figure on Sakhalin2: Tuesday 15 November 2005: 08.45am ET.


In correspondence over the last few days with owner Alfred Donovan, Shell management has not taken up the opportunity to deny our recent report that the final cost of Sakhalin2 will be $26 billion (USD).


The correspondence was with Shell International General Counsel, Richard Wiseman. Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Executive Jeroen van der Veer and Exploration & Production Executive Director, Malcolm Brinded, were involved in the correspondence.


Mr Wiseman made an implied threat in his email dated 11th November 2005 regarding the webpage (link below) which is focused on the runaway project costs of Sakhalin2 and the related tongue lashing President Putin reportedly gave to Jeroen van der Veer.  


The full correspondence will be published shortly.


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Message from Royal Dutch Shell Plc CEO, Jeroen ("the finger") van der Veer, to Russian President Putin, after Putin slams Sakhalin2 $16 billion (USD) cost overrun: Wednesday 2 Nov 2005 Final Cost of Sakhalin-2 will now be at least $26 Bn.: "A new Sakhalin management team recently completed a technical review of the project. It has concluded that the final cost will be at least $26bn.": Tuesday 18 October 2005: 00.30am GMT: READ


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