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India Inforline News: Shell brings Scenarios to India: "The new Global Scenarios to 2025 bring clarity and simplicity on matters of high complexity" he added, quoting Shell CEO, Jeroen van der Veer.": Posted Friday 2 December 2005


For the first time in three decades, Shell Global Scenarios are being presented in India through a series of conferences in early December 2005 in Delhi and Mumbai. The latest report on Global Scenarios to 2025 will be shared with a very distinguished audience of government, political and business leaders. Special closed-door conferences are being organized separately for the Planning Commission and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Building on a 30-year track record, these Scenarios open a path to deeper understanding of the trends, forces and trade-offs that drive change and development. While Shell's Global Scenarios are not forecasts, they provide clues to possible futures by analysing the interplay of market, geopolitical and social forces. The interplay of these forces heavily influences the world's energy future, and therefore Global Scenarios to 2025 are highly relevant to India's quest for energy security.

"The conferences are more than just a hydrocarbon story and essentially help key decision makers and influencers to better understand the world that tomorrow might bring", says Vikram Singh Mehta, Chairman, Shell Companies in India. The new Global Scenarios to 2025 bring clarity and simplicity on matters of high complexity" he added, quoting Shell CEO, Jeroen van der Veer.

In a larger context, the different combinations of market, geopolitical and social forces, heavily influence the world's energy future. In this context, India's quest for energy security becomes even more relevant. The latest Shell Scenarios Report also suggests impacts on options for India's economic and developmental goals.

Shell takes these Scenarios seriously. According to Dr Albert Bressand, Vice President, Global Business Environment, Royal Dutch/ Shell Group of Companies, who will be presenting the scenarios in Delhi and Mumbai, "All investment projects of US$1bn and over at Shell now have to be tested in the light of the Global Scenarios."

The Scenarios were authored by a team of specialists in energy and social sciences working within and outside Shell, and led by Dr Albert Bressand, whose previous roles include Member, Policy Planning Staff, the World Bank, and Economic Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France (Paris). Earlier this year, Dr. Bressand was invited to present the Shell Global Scenarios to 2025 to leading think tanks including the Institute of International Economics, Washington D.C. and Chatham House, London. Dr Bressand was also invited in early November 2005 to the World Bank's Executive Directors Annual Colloquium, to present the Shell Scenarios to launch two days of discussions on the future shape of the World Bank.

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