Royal Dutch Shell Group .com Is Shell panicking?: "AlliancexShell grows to 200 members in initial day": Monday 28 November 2005: 05.20am EST

Is Shell panicking? They recently opened a site where ex-Shell employees (retired, resigned, made redundant, fired?) can register their name and indicate whether they are willing to do some work. Anyone can register, there is not a rigorous vetting procedure. Maybe they are waking up that they let go of a few too many technical staff. You know, the type of people like Dilbert. The ones who tell the pointy haired bosses that certain things are physically not possible or much more expensive. And then get leaned upon to leave the company or fall in line with the company aspirations.

Just have a look at and perhaps you can contribute too to help this struggling company?

Dr John Huong, the Shell geologist/whistleblower, may wish to register if he has the time. He has just spent three days in the Miri Industrial Court where his claim against Shell for wrongful dismissal was heard (and is now adjourned until March). He has two High Court hearings scheduled for 2nd and 6th December in respect of the defamation action against him by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies: Dr Huong dared to suggest that Shell management is untrustworthy and incompetent. How on earth could he have reached such a conclusion merely because of some conjuring tricks over Shell's reserves. Perhaps he may be able to squeeze in some part time work for his inventive former employer between court hearings?

“What’s all this about Brinded running around Rijswijk like a chicken with its head cut-off squawking about a crisis at Shell?
Stay tuned folks…”

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Working relationships become friendships to most people. These relationships which in most cases have spanned over decades do not need to end as a result of retirement or change of jobs.

Have you ever wondered what happened to that colleague of yours who was a few doors away from your office in Shell Venezuela?

Would you like an opportunity to re-connect with that person and many others you have not seen or heard from since you left Shell?

AlliancexShell offers you an opportunity to do just that and more! The Alliance provides you the platform for maintaining relationships, professionally, socially and personally, with work colleagues who have left regular employment with Shell.

In addition, AlliancexShell will provide you the opportunity to register your interest in short term assignments in Shell. Shell Line Managers and HR departments will have access to this data base and will invite you as work becomes available.

Expand your personal and business network. Register for membership in this unique Alliance and enjoy a rewarding relationship with your previous work colleagues and the company you invested your working life in. Join today.
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AlliancexShell grows to 200 members in initial day

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