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YnetNews (Israel): Shell returning to Israel: U.S. energy giant plans to return to do business in Israel following 50-year-long absence: Wednesday 30 November 2005


Ofer Petersburg  


U.S. energy giant Shell is eyeing a business venture in Israelís energy market after a 50-year-long absence, Israelís leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth has learned.  


The company has issued a license to allow the import of its products to Israel as a steppingstone to the more adventurous plan to scatter Shell gas stations across the country.  


Barka Sakhar Ltd has signed a contract with Shell making it the exclusive dealer for Shell products in Israel.  


Shell intends to market a wide range of its products including distillates and oils for all types of industries.  


The company operated in the region from 1927 to 1958 under the name Shell Palestine, with an impressive network of gas stations.  


The Arab countriesí boycott of Israel prompted Shell to stop its business activities in the Jewish State in 1958. Shell Palestine was disbanded and Shell properties were sold to Isaac Woolfson, who established Paz, Israelís leading energy company.



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