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CNW Group Press Release: Shell Global Solutions: Shell Global Solutions Strengthens Presence in North America: Posted Wednesday 7 December 2005


CALGARY, Dec. 6 /CNW/ - Shell Global Solutions International is extending its worldwide reach with the opening of a new office in Canada, to serve customers from the petrochemicals and other processing industries.


Officially opened in Calgary by Shell Global Solutions International BV President Greg Lewin, and Shell Canada President & CEO, Clive Mather, the office is the first Canadian base for Shell Global Solutions and represents a major investment in the company's aim to get ever closer to its customers.


Greg Lewin, said: "We are well positioned to build on the proud tradition and long history that Shell already enjoys in Canada.


"Our successful partnership with Shell Canada has given us a real understanding of the needs of Canadian industry. Our new base will allow us to build on that foundation and continue to show our customers, and potential customers, how we can add value to their businesses - whether they're in the oil and gas sector, or from another processing industry such as pulp and paper."


Clive Mather said: "I'm delighted that Shell Global Solutions, our key technology partner, is joining us here within the headquarters of Shell Canada to develop joint programmes. This closer working relationship has great potential to benefit us and our customers."


In Canada, Shell Global Solutions has already contributed to the successful introduction of an important renewable bio-fuel - cellulose ethanol - that is expected to release over 90% less carbon dioxide than gasoline. The new fuel component - made from the non-food portion of agricultural crops such as straw and corn cobs - is being produced at the Iogen Corporation's demonstration plant in Ottawa, which was built with support from Shell Global Solutions in a range of areas that included project management, process development and fuels technology.


Technology, developed jointly by Shell Global Solutions and Paques, is also being used in Alberta by EnCana, Canada's largest natural gas producer, in the first biotechnological purification plant for the desulphurization of natural gas. The Shell-Paques process(R) enables cost-effective removal of hydrogen sulphide from natural gas streams. The plant eliminates the need for continuous flaring and cuts hydrogen sulphide emissions to virtually zero. The plant is designed to produce about 1 ton of sulphur per day and this can be used both as a raw material for the sulphuric acid industry and as artificial fertiliser.


With the combination of staff expertise, advanced technology and proven implementation skills, Shell Global Solutions is designed to deliver sustainable business solutions to help add maximum value to its customers' operations.


Over 4,500 technology professionals in strategic hubs all over the world advise a customer-base of approximately 800 companies. Shell Global Solutions' breadth of offerings includes performance improvement, process technologies, engineering services, supply chain management, product development and expertise in health and safety and the environment.


The Global Solutions team will focus on strengthening ties with the company's well-established customer base in Canada and pave the way for potential expansion to a larger service centre for the area.


            Customer Contact Details:

            Shell Global Solutions, 400 - 4th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 0J4

            Tel: +1 (403) 691-3111

            Shell Canada Products, 90 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto, Ontario M2N 6Y2

            Tel: +1 (416) 227-7111



Notes to editors

Shell Global Solutions is a dynamic service network with one main aim - to help customers raise their business performance. Combining leading-edge technology with extensive operating experience, Shell Global Solutions provides innovative, yet practical, solutions that are designed to enable our clients to achieve their full potential.


The organisation is made up of seven independent technology companies within Royal Dutch Shell plc. With over 4500 professionals, Shell Global Solutions works with a range of customers in the oil, gas, additive, chemical, motor sport and industrial sectors.


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ENQUIRIES: Katie Baverstock, Shell Global Solutions (UK) - telephone: +44 151 373 5890

Media Relations, Shell International Ltd - telephone: +44 207 934 2713


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