Royal Dutch Shell Group .com (USA): GM, Shell Bringing Fuel Cell Vehicles and Fueling to NY ( Posted 25 Jan 05


On Thursday of this week, GM and Shell will announce their plans to bring fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen refueling to New York.


This is part of a larger agreement with the US DOE for hydrogen fuel cell demonstrations and testing. (DOE program solicitation here.) GM will provide approximately 40 fuel cell-powered minivans and fuel cell-powered SUVs to the state of New York and Shell Oil will develop hydrogen refueling capabilities.


That sounds like a hefty beginning to a demonstration. Compare the eralier deployment of six GM fuel cell vehicles to Washington, DC or Honda’s provision of two FCX vehicles to New York.


The scale of the demonstration seems much more in accord with Shell Hydrogen CEO Jeremy Bentham’s vision of “Lighthouse Projects” (earlier post) the attributes of which include:


Fleets building up to 100 vehicles and beyond

Fueled from mini-networks of 4-6 integrated hydrogen/gasoline stations

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