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Times of Oman: Shell Oman Lube Clinic launched: “Shell Lube Clinic has proved its success/value globally and the team is confidant that in Oman too it will receive overwhelming response.” ( 24 Jan 05




CONTINUING its endeavour to create value for customers, Shell Oman Marketing Company SAOG has launched yet another unique concept in the "Shell Lube Clinic". This is a lubricant and heavy fuel-testing kit, which can be easily installed at a customer's location and has many benefits for all types of customers.


This portable yet highly efficient centre is equipped to carry out a wide range of on-the-spot tests for lubricants and fuels and help the decision-making process for customers. The kit ensures correct product usage in the equipment thereby extending the life. The advanced feedback system of "Shell Lube Clinic" informs about the operating conditions and its effect on the equipment and oil. The Lube Clinic Kit is equipped to test an extensive range of Shell lubricants and fuels, which range from engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, heat transfer oil, quenching oil, bearing oil, bunker fuels and LDO, etc. Senior representatives of Shell Oman were present to unveil the first Shell Lube Clinic. "This simple to operate facility is very useful for fleet owners, construction companies and our industrial customer segments," said Waqar Siddiqi, general manager, Commercial, of Shell Oman.


Shell Lube Clinic has proved its success/value globally and the team is confidant that in Oman too it will receive overwhelming response. This Lube Clinic facilitates low turnaround time and offers low direct cost of testing as compared to comprehensive oil condition monitoring programme. It also eliminates the other long and time based oil change programmes. Additionally, it reduces the tendency to rely on human senses to take decisions and helps avoid wrong top ups. In the event of water contamination, fuel dilution, increasing internal and external contamination, oil deterioration through oxidation, increase in total acid number, etc, the kit gives a quick and immediate feedback which helps prevent major engine damage, substantially benefiting the customer on both costs and on down time.


"We are committed to providing solutions to help improve the business efficiency of our customers through Shell's products and services. The new Shell Lube Clinic is one such initiative aimed at reducing cost and facilitating less repair/maintenance and quick decision-making," said Irshad Lawati, managing director of Shell Oman. He also explained that Shell Oman would be launching a more advanced kits with wider applications as market leaders. 

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