ShellNews.net: The inside story of Shell’s Sakhalin II debacle : 05 January 2007

ShellNews.net: THE SHELL SAKHALIN-2 DEBACLE: Creditability concerns over Royal Dutch/Shell Executives, Jeroen van der Veer and Malcolm Brinded following the Salhalin2 $10 billion cost overrun scandal.: "The only thing which has saved the hangover management at Shell is the one element over which they have no influence - the high oil price. In every other respect they are an unmitigated disaster. They should be sent packing.": Monday 18 July 2005: Read the article

ShellNews.net: Final Cost of Sakhalin-2 will now be at least $26 Bn.: "A new Sakhalin management team recently completed a technical review of the project. It has concluded that the final cost will be at least $26bn.": Tuesday 18 October 2005: 00.30am GMT: READ

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ShellNews.net: Dynamite Email from Shell insider: “I am a Shell employee but of late we not allowed anymore to freely ventilate our concerns to management by fear which reigns inside the company. Therefore I take the unusual step to send this email to you from my home address and trust you will keep me anonymous.”: “The last few weeks there has been a great number of articles on Sakhalin and other disasters on your site. The one that made me write this email was the interview with Linda Cook.”: “…the ‘poodle’ of Phil Watts…”: Monday 28 November 2005: READ

ShellNews.net: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development defers Sakhalin2 decision for one month: Tuesday 29 November 2005: 07.00am EST: READ

ShellNews.net: An Open Letter to Jean Lemierre, President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, regarding Shell's Sakhalin II loan application: "Perhaps if more time had been spent on project management rather than ego and status driven pursuits and personal enrichment by Shell senior management, Shell would not be in the almost perpetual state of crisis which its stakeholders have witnessed in recent years.": Sunday 4 December 2005: 00.15am EST READ

ShellNews.net: Shell insider view on Sakhalin II loan news from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:"In spite of Shell's attempts to spin this announcement, this does not mean that the project has been given a clean bill of health.": Thursday 15 December 2005: 12.15 EST: READ

ShellNews.net: The Dow Jones report (see article below) about the $50,000 reminds me of a comment that I heard within Shell - something to the effect that Shell were under increasing financial pressure from the Russian "mafia"…: “may be little more than the tip of the iceberg”: Friday 13 January 2006: READ

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