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Irish Independent: Shell game continues: Thursday Aug 04, 2005

Sir - Now that the Minister has given permission for the laying of the offshore pipeline to Shell, perhaps matters have crystalised a little and it is time to take stock. This was always going to happen as, rightly or wrongly, this matter was decided a long time ago. The incarceration of the Rossport Five continues with the whole country now going on holiday, and Shell are beginning to lay off workers - a local TD involved says it does not matter much as they are not local!

Those men are in jail because they will not purge their contempt of a court order and Mr Justice Finnegan is quite clear on this. Whatever the merits of the decision leading up to grant Shell permission for a refinery, this conclusion was arrived at by Mayo County Council and An Bord Pleanala after public hearings. Does anyone now believe that that all this is going to be reversed? Brendan Cafferty, Ballina, Co Mayo


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