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Ireland On-Line: Rossport Five standing firm in dispute with Shell: Wednesday 24 August 2005


24/08/2005 - 13:18:20


The Rossport Five are adamant that they will not obey the court order secured against them by Shell, according to Mayo county councillors.


Speaking after a meeting with the men in prison today, the councillors said they had indicated a willingness to compromise on some aspects of the Corrib gas project.


However, they said the men were insisting that they would only enter discussions if Shell lifted the injunction it has taken out against them.


The five Mayo landowners have been in jail for eight weeks for refusing to obey the injunction ordering not to obstruct work on the Corrib gas pipeline.


They believe the structure poses an unacceptable risk to their health and want Shell to process gas from the Corrib field at an offshore location.



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