Royal Dutch Shell Group .com Irish Government appoints Advantica for “independent” review of Royal Dutch Shell Corrib pipeline project: 'How “independent” is Advantica? The answer seems to be that it is far removed from being independent.': Friday 26 August 2005: 12.30 ET


Irish Government appoints Advantica for “independent” review of Royal Dutch Shell Corrib pipeline project: 12.30 ET


By John Donovan


The latest news on the Corrib pipeline debacle is that the Irish Government has appointed Advantica, a UK company, to conduct a so called “independent” review of Shell's Corrib onshore gas pipeline. It is reported that Shell Ireland has welcomed the announcement.


How “independent” is Advantica? The answer seems to be that it is far removed from being independent.


Advantica is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Grid Transco Plc. It traded at one time under the name of BG Technology Limited.


Shell has close ties with Advantica and its parent and associated companies. Shell has been a partner and a client in relation to these various companies. Shell is a client of Advantica on an international basis. These various interconnected companies have over the years been populated with former senior Shell managers/Directors, including for example Steven Lucas, the current Group Finance Director of Advantica's parent company. He formally held management positions at Shell International Petroleum Company.


Royal Dutch Shell has long tentacles and exercises the pernicious influence befitting a multinational which is more powerful than most countries. Does the Irish Government have a fleet of luxury executive jets at its disposal as does Shell senior management?    


Is it likely that Advantica will do anything to upset Royal Dutch Shell – the world’s third largest oil company and consequently one of its most important clients?


We suspect that some Irish citizens, including the Rossport 5, will be alarmed at this news.


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