Royal Dutch Shell Group .com A poisoned Chalice for Jorma Ollila at Royal Dutch Shell Plc?: Tuesday 30 August 2005: 11.30am ET

A poisoned Chalice for Jorma Ollila at Royal Dutch Shell Plc?

By Alfred Donovan


Mr Jorma Ollila is the Chairman designate of Royal Dutch Shell Plc.
Reportedly a man of the highest repute, Mr Ollila is due to take up his
non-executive position in June 2006.  He has a reputation as a
dynamic and highly successful businessman. It's a long time since
Shell had someone combining all of these qualities. We wish him
Sketch courtesy of The Wall Street Journal


An Open Letter to Mr Jorma Ollila

Like many stakeholders - shareholders, employees etc in the multinational oil giant you are joining next year, you probably have your Google News Alerts set for "Royal Dutch Shell" as you gather intelligence about the coming challenges. 

If so, the page below would have greeted you on Monday 29 August 2005. Half of the stories listed were originated by They are indicative of the chaotic dreadful state Shell is in.

On the one hand, it has gone on record in a legal document submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organisation supporting my right to air my opinions about Shell on this website. At the same time, eight Royal Dutch Shell companies have a High Court Injunction in place over postings published by me on the same site. Does Shell support free speech on the Internet or not? At the moment it is facing in two different directions at once.

Shell has consistently claimed that its last peace treaty with my son and I is still valid despite a blatant breach by Shell in 2001. In the same submission to the WIPO on 18th May 2005, Shell committed what would have been a further serious breach if it had not already repudiated the treaty in 2001.

If you read the various astonishing, but true, articles accessible via the Google links below, you may wonder if it is a wise career move to join a management team which includes incompetent discredited individuals such as Jeroen van der Veer, Malcolm Brinded and Maarten van den Bergh.

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Shell2004, NY - 4 hours ago
... years ago, some of the members of the Shell senior management who endorsed the dishonest behaviour remain at the helm of the Royal Dutch Shell Group including ... Royal Dutch Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer, Master ...
Shell2004, NY - Aug 27, 2005
By Alfred Donovan. Have you noticed that Jeroen van der Veer, the new CEO of Royal Dutch Shell Plc has invented a new hybrid form of the English language? ...
Royal Dutch Shell is back in Alaska
Anchorage Daily News, AK - Aug 23, 2005
... Royal Dutch Shell is incorporated in England and Wales and headquartered in the Hague, Netherlands. Shell companies have operations in 145 countries.
UK Stocks Fall; BP and Royal Dutch Shell Lead the Decline
Bloomberg - Aug 18, 2005
Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- UK stocks fell, led by energy producers such as BP Plc and Royal Dutch Shell Plc after crude-oil futures in New York yesterday had the ...
Shell2004, NY - Aug 21, 2005
... published in The Sunday Times today, reveals that Shell senior management have bought three Falcon jet aircraft creating a Royal Dutch Shell plc boardroom ...
Royal Dutch Shell plc : Buyback of Own Shares
PR Newswire (press release), NY - Aug 22, 2005
LONDON, August 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Royal Dutch Shell plc announces that on 22 August, 2005 it purchased for cancellation 960,000 "A" Shares at a price ...
Shell2004, NY - Aug 14, 2005
... is Shell taking such a ruthless approach towards its Malaysian employees (including a draconian defamation action by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies against ...
Royal Dutch Shell plc: Amendment to Schedule 13-D - Update on ...
Yahoo News (press release) - Aug 17, 2005
LONDON, August 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- On 16 August 2005, Royal Dutch Shell plc (Royal Dutch Shell) amended the Schedule 13-D filed in respect of ordinary ...
(Euronext Amsterdam) - Royal Dutch Shell: buyback of own shares
Euronext, Netherlands - Aug 16, 2005
Royal Dutch Shell plc announces that on 12 August, 2005 it purchased for cancellation 1,400,000 "A" Shares at a price of 27.09 euros per share. ... Secret Censorship on Royal Dutch Shell “Tell ...
Shell2004, NY - Aug 14, 2005
... deep within the website which supposedly provides a facility for site visitors to openly express their views about Royal Dutch Shell and its ...

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