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Message from Royal Dutch Shell Plc CEO, Jeroen (the finger) van der Veer, to Russian President Putin, after Putin slams Sakhalin2 $16 billion (USD) cost overrun: Wed 2 Nov 2005:


I’d love to tell that short arse Putin what I really think about him (if he didn't have a black belt)“


Reuters: Putin slams Shell's Sakhalin costs: “President Vladimir Putin spent more than 30 minutes criticising the cost overruns at the Shell-led Sakhalin-2. Wednesday Nov 2, 2005: READ

Kommersant: Russian President Vladimir Putin lambasted the efforts of Shell to drive the budget of the Sakhlin-2 project up to $20 billion from $12 billion.": Wednesday 2 Nov 2005: READ

MosNews: Putin Slams Sakhalin-2 Operators for Project Cost Overruns: "Putin’s criticisms come as a big blow for Shell...": Wednesday 2 November 2005: READ

Disclaimer: The above comment is attributed to Mr Van der Veer purely in jest. We are sure he is too much of a gentleman to make any such gesture or remark. Dire warning to President Putin about $26 BILLION overrun on Sakhalin2 project: Friday 25 November 2005: 04.30am EST: READ Final Cost of Sakhalin-2 will now be at least $26 Bn.: "A new Sakhalin management team recently completed a technical review of the project. It has concluded that the final cost will be at least $26bn.": Tuesday 18 October 2005: 00.30am GMT: READ


Previous comment attributed in jest to Jeroen van der Veer: -

Message from Royal Dutch Shell Plc CEO, Jeroen van der Veer, to new SEC Chairman, Christopher Cox, after Cox brands Shell's reserves scandal a fraud : Sat 8 Oct 05

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