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Tuesday 10 January 2006: Now Updated for Wednesday 11 Jan: From a Shell Insider: ("I had to get this long story off my chest, I am glad there is a forum where this can get published/discussed without being killed off.": "Freedom of speech is great, it should be encouraged within Shell too.) Shell alienates and defrauds almost an entire country: Tuesday 10 January 2006: READ
(From a Shell Insider): (The Dutch populace are renowned for their fiscal prudence, and may not be amused to hear that their pension funds have been defrauded by Shell) Shell Insider Article: “…the Bonga field is very late and over budget.”: "I wonder whose 2005 bonus required the "first oil" from Bonga to be produced before the end of the year...": Monday 9 January 2006: READ Shell Malaysia Chairman’s new job: Saturday 7 January 2006: READ Shell Insider News on Walter van de Vijver: Wednesday 4 January 2006 22.45 GMT: READ Shell insider view on Sakhalin II loan news from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: "In spite of Shell's attempts to spin this announcement, this does not mean that the project has been given a clean bill of health.": Thursday 15 December 2005: 12.15 EST: READ Email from former Shell Malaysia employee group prompts a new website: Thursday 15 Dec 2005: 00.05am: READ "Geriatric" Jacobs: A Shell insider comments on an FT article about Aad Jacobs, the Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell plc.: “I find it incredible that big companies hang on to these geriatrics.”: “…the salmon was getting cold so he could not spend more time on this minor issue of bad reserves reporting. He had done what a chairman of the supervisory board had to do and continued with his lunch.”: December: READ Dynamite Email from Shell insider: “I am a Shell employee but of late we not allowed anymore to freely ventilate our concerns to management by fear which reigns inside the company. Therefore I take the unusual step to send this email to you from my home address and trust you will keep me anonymous.”: “The last few weeks there has been a great number of articles on Sakhalin and other disasters on your site. The one that made me write this email was the interview with Linda Cook.”: “…the ‘poodle’ of Phil Watts…: Monday 28 November 2005: READ Is Sakhalin Doomed?: Tuesday 22 November 2005: 06.40am EST: READ

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