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Received Thursday 11 August 2005


Subject: Shell Merger


Please could you have a look at how badly and immorally Shell has treated some of it oldest shareholders with a view to helping make Shell responsible for their actions. Many people will loose 40% of their dividend income at a stroke as they will have to sell shares to meet the tax bill. Other old people will effectively pay 40% tax now and another 40% when they die. Without Shells actions they would have only expected to pay 40% once in inheritance tax.


Many thanks


Received Monday 15 August 2005


Dear Mr Donovan


Subject: Re Shells unethical dishonest treatment of UK shareholders.


Please see a copy of a letter I wrote. Perhaps you could help us in some way. Thank you.


"...Please consider people like my mother of 86 whose holding of Shell is a lifelong investment which means 99% of it is capital gain. It is virtually all she has and she now faces losing 80% of it. 40% in tax now with the resultant huge loss in income after selling to pay the tax and 40% in inheritance tax which sadly is going to come about sooner rather than later. She saved and made sacrifices throughout her life in order to leave something to her children and grandchildren.


She is devastated at the unethical and ruthless way she has been treated. She is too old and frail to take risks and to be worried about the legal implications of not accepting the extended offer Shell made, so as if a knife to her throat she accepted the extended Shell offer only because Shell's chief executive insisted there was nothing left in his "tool-box" to help the investors. It seems that even in this statement Shell is shown to be deceitful liars and at the expense of old people who are too frightened to defend themselves. They thus tricked her into accepting the extended offer. What ruthlessness!


She would never have accepted Shells offer if they had been decent enough to admit what they now do which is that when push comes to shove, only to mitigate their own costs, they will look at ways to obtain the outstanding shares without so harming the remaining shareholders. It seems that these are much stronger wealthier less vulnerable people.


For Shell to have put people like my mother in such a dreadful position and then not equalise them with the remaining share holders will be so unjust, immoral and all the other things people are saying about Shell. See


I fear publicity, public shame, is our only hope. Please do what you can to help."


Yours sincerely


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