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The ethical malaise at the top of Shell: 26 July 2006 Shell issues High Court “Summons in Chambers” targeted against Alfred Donovan, the co-owner/publisher of this website: 17 July 2006 A climate of fear among Shell employees (18 June 2006) Latest News on the High Court Battle:  EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies vs. Dr John Huong : 23 May 2006: READ EMAIL TO HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH REGARDING SHELL'S PERSECUTION OF DR JOHN HUONG: SENT 27 APRIL 2006 CORRESPONDENCE WITH SHELL INTERNATIONAL GENERAL COUNSEL RICHARD WISEMAN REGARDING DR JOHN HUONG: Tue 25 Apr 2006: Messrs. TH Liew in Kuala Lumpur. This is the sleazy Malaysian law firm which last week sent an agent to the home of Dr Huong in the dark of night without prior notice to serve further Injunctive proceedings on him (on 19 April 2006 at 8.21pm). It was a reprehensible shock tactic (worthy of Kendall Freeman) clearly designed to intimidate him and his family.
Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal threats against this website: Tue 25 Apr 06
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AFX Europe (Focus): Shell Refining (Malaysia) says LPG assets not for sale: Tuesday 21 March 2006 MALICE IN BLUNDERLAND: IMPRISONMENT OF DR JOHN HUONG BY ROYAL DUTCH SHELL?: Monday 20 March 2006: Click on link to read article: Royal Dutch Shell serves contempt proceedings against Shell whistleblower Dr Huong: Imprisonment or Fine: Sat 18 Mar 2006: Lawyers acting for a group of EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies have served contempt proceedings against Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong. The objective of the new (Notice to Show Cause) proceedings is to have Dr Huong committed to prison or fined...:Click on link to read article: Royal Dutch Shell Response to Dr John Huong in Defamation lawsuit: Shell claims it has a good reputation? As can be seen, Shell lawyers are continuing to make an international laughing stock out of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Shell is fighting a losing battle against the power of the Internet as a low cost tool for promoting freedom of expression. It gives the weak and oppressed a powerful global platform against the rich and powerful of this world, including greedy, evil and dishonest multinationals e.g. the scandal ridden Royal Dutch Shell Group whose reputation is actually on a par with ENRON: Click on link below to read article: 11 March 2006:


HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: DR HUONG & ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC : Tue 07 Feb 2006 10:12 AM EST: Naturally Dr Huong is depressed and distressed at the ruthless way he is being treated after being a hardworking employee for almost three decades. Unlike the directors currently still at the helm of Shell, he is not implicated or tainted by the reserves fraud. Indeed, if he had been listened to, the fraud would probably not have happened.   more »
Investments & Pensions Europe: Shell facing costs from Dutch funds’ action: "Oil giant Shell today says the two class actions brought against it by Dutch pension schemes and German and Luxembourg institutions could dent its earnings significantly.": "In other news, the South African arm of Shell has been accused of “improperly” using surplus pension fund money according to a 2001 amendment of the Pension Funds Act. ": Thu 02 Feb 2006 02:50 PM EST: READ
 Shell Insider Article with Leaked Shell Internal document: Our "Leader" - TOM BOTTS: Shell Executive VP: "Hello Alfred: Below is the crap we receive from our ‘leader’." 2 Feb 2006: READ
Jyoti Munsiff: From a Shell Insider: Shell's Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer: "analogous to putting a fox in charge of a hen house.": 2 Feb 2006: READ

Jyoti Munsiff: more analogous to a poacher turned gamekeeper: "Jyoti Munsiff was up to her neck in trying to cover-up the cover-up (it is only in reference to Shell management that I could end up writing such a comment). Consequently I am shocked at her new role as the keeper of Shell ethics. Frankly it’s laughable (but I'm not laughing).": Thu 02 Feb 2006: READ
Email to Jyoti Munsiff from a Shell Whistleblower: ": "I also believe that it is fair to make readers of this communication aware that apart from the High Court Restraining Order, I am also constrained in my comments by a threat of imprisonment.": Thu 02 Feb 2006 02:57 AM EST: READ
NGO’s and US class action lawyers urgently seek contact with Shell shareholders/employees Thu 02 Feb 2006 08:55 AM EST: READ
JAN 2006 Dr Huong files broadside defence to Shell defamation lawsuit: 29 January 2006: READ 399 REASONS WHY JON CHADWICK, DEPARTING CHAIRMAN OF SHELL MALAYSIA, SHOULD BE HANGING HIS HEAD IN SHAME: Sun 8 January 2006: READ Shell Malaysia Chairman’s new job: Saturday 7 January 2006: READ

Malaysia Star: Malaysian to be new chairman of Shell: "SHELL Malaysia has appointed a Malaysian, Saw Choo Boon, as chairman from March 1. ": Posted Saturday 7 January 2006: READ

DOW JONES NEWS: Shell Malaysia Names Saw New Chairman Mar 1: “Shell Malaysia announced today that Datuk Jon Chadwick, Chairman of Shell Malaysia, will be moving into another senior Shell position within Asia, with effect from 1st March 2006.”: Friday 6 January 2006: READ (SHELL INSIDER STORY ON 4 JAN CONFIRMED AS 100% ACCURATE - SAME INSIDER WHO SAYS SHELL MANAGEMENT SECRETLY ALREADY KNOWS SAKHALIN2 WILL COST AT LEAST $26 BILLION) ( Shell Insider News on Walter van de Vijver: Wednesday 4 January 2006 22.45 GMT: READ)

BERNAMA: Shell Appoints Saw Choo Boon As New Chairman: 6 January 2006: READ

TheEdgeDaily: Shell Malaysia picks Malaysian as new chairman: 6 January 2006: READ

Bernama, Malaysia: Sabah Shell Tops Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award Honours: Posted Thursday 5 Jan 2006: READ

New Straits Times (Malaysia): Call to use less-polluting methods: “This time, the award was won by Sabah Shell Petroleum Co Ltd, which also won the Excellent Achievement Award. Shell Malaysia chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick received the award on behalf of his company from Najib.”: Thursday Jan 05, 2006: READ Shell Insider News on Walter van de Vijver: Wednesday 4 January 2006 22.45 GMT: READ

The Star Online (Malaysia): Malaysian assignment the longest, most enjoyable for Chadwick: "SHELL Malaysia chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick is very much like the company he heads – successful and resilient.": Posted Tuesday 3rd January 2006: READ

AFX Europe (Focus): Shell Malaysia, Petronas JV delivers gas from offshore Sarawak – report: Tuesday January 03, 2006: READ


Business Times Malaysia: Joint venture field delivers first gas: "SHELL Malaysia and Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd have achieved a major milestone with the delivery of first gas from their jointly-operated new Shallow Clastics satellite field.: December 31 2005: READ Shell M'sia Petronas Carigali field delivers first gas: “Shell Malaysia and Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd's jointly operated new Shallow Clastics satellite field off Sarawak, has delivered the first gas ahead of schedule.”: “Shell Malaysia chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick said this milestone was an important contribution to delivering Shell Malaysia's objective of more integrated gas.”:  Friday 30 December 2005: READ

Borneo Bulletin: Search Op ongoing: "The operation is being carried out by Brunei Shell Company rescue teams, navy, police marine and the public...": Monday 26 December 2005: READ

AFX Europe (Focus): Shell Malaysia expects active investment in exploration/production – report: “Shell Malaysia is seeking more exploration and production (E&P) projects as well as profitable downstream opportunities, the Star newspaper reported, quoting the company's chairman Jon Chadwick.”: Monday 5 December 2005: READ

Oil & Gas Journal: Shell aims to expand activity in Malaysia: "Shell Malaysia's Chairman, Datuk Jon Chadwick, says the company is looking for more upstream E&P, reported the Malaysia Star." Posted Tuesday 6 December 2005: READ

AFX Asia (Focus): Malaysia's Dialog expects more contracts in oil, gas construction – report: “The newspaper cited the company's chairman and managing director, Ngau Boon Keat, as saying he expects Shell, ExxonMobil and Petroliam Nasional Bhd to step up construction of petrochemical plants and refineries in the near term to capitalize on rising oil prices.”: Monday December 12, 2005: READ Email from former Shell Malaysia employee group: Thursday 15 Dec 2005: 00.05am: READ

Reuters: Shell strikes oil again in Brunei's Seria field: “Search for deepwater oil has been halted since 2003 after a territorial dispute with Malaysia.”: Posted 20 December 2005: READ

Malaysia Star: Chip card payment at Shell stations in force next year: "SHELL Malaysia expects the rollout of credit card payment system using the chip card at its stations to be completed by next year, said chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick.": "Asked if the company would be doing any exploration in the coming year, he said: “We've had a very successful year. Yes, we will be doing exploration next year. We need reserves.": Thursday 22 December 2005: READ


Financial Times: Observer: Sabre-rattling in the neutral zone: “Ever since Malaysia last year granted Shell the rights to an oil concession in a disputed part of the Sulawesi Sea off north-eastern Borneo, things have been a tad prickly between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.”: “…word came from the Indonesian navy yesterday that it was launching a massive exercise - codenamed Great Armada XXY - that would converge off the eastern coast of Borneo…”: Wednesday 23 November 2005: READ

Business Times (Malaysia): Petrochem investments to return soon, says Dialog: “…multi-national corporations (MNCs) such as Petroliam Nasional Bhd, Royal Dutch Shell Group and ExxonMobil are expected to build more petrochemical plants by the end of next year.”: Wednesday November 23, 2005: READ

The Star Online (Malaysia): Cash and mineral water from Shell: Friday November 25, 2005: READ

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell Refining posts lower Q3 net profit: Tuesday November 29, 2005: READ


Malaysia Star: Reality-style recruitment: "Doing away with the long interviews and tests that are traditionally associated with the hiring process, the Shell Gourami Business Challenge takes a new approach": Sunday 9 October 2005: READ

AFX News Limited: Shell finds oil, gas field in deep sea off coast Malaysia: “Royal Dutch Shell said it has found a 'significant' oil and gas field…”: Monday 10 October 2005: Read

Malaysia Star: Shell JV makes oil and gas find: "SABAH Shell Petroleum Co Ltd said a Shell-Petronas Carigali-ConocoPhillips joint venture has made another oil and gas discovery in Deepwater Block G, offshore northwest Sabah": Tuesday 11 October 2005: READ

New Straits Times (Malaysia): 'Ex-Shell employees' suit within time frame': “On Sept 20, 2004, the High Court in Miri ruled in favour of the ex-employees and said the retirement benefit under the Retirement Benefit Fund was ultra vires the Act. Sarawak Shell Berhad and Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Ltd filed an appeal.”: Tuesday 18 October 2005: READ

Lloyds List: Deepwater oil finds make South China Sea the next hotspot: 'Shell and its partners are pursuing a business growth strategy that contributes to Malaysia's economy and these deepwater discoveries are a cornerstone of this strategy,' said Datuk Jon Chadwick, chairman of Shell Malaysia.: Tuesday Oct 18, 2005: READ Shell hopes to duck its Malaysian employee pension fund responsibilities on a legal technicality: Tuesday 25 October 2005: 05.00am ET: READ

Bangkok Post: Shell Autoserv consolidates: “Shell Autoserv has consolidated the operations of its automotive maintenance chains in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia…”: Posted Friday 28 October 2005: READ

SEPT 2005 Is Royal Dutch Shell Plc adopting racist policies against its Malaysian employees?: Thursday 22 September 2005 00.10 am EDT NY: READ

New Straights Times (Malaysia): Shell upset over lack of warning before detonation of bomb: “Shell Malaysia chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick, in a circular to its staff, said he was obliged to take up the matter with the police.”: “I ask for your understanding on this matter. It needs a comprehensive, non-defensive investigation — and I undertake that this will be done," he said.: Posted Friday 30 September 2005: READ

AUGUST 2005 Saving and Serving Lives in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: "In view of recent publicly made allegations against Shell management that it has displayed racist policies towards its former employees in Malaysia...": Tuesday 13 Sept 2005 16.48 PM EDT: READ

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell earnings fall on shutdown Friday August 19, 2005: READ


News Straits Times (Malaysia): MLNG signs gas deals with 3 firms: At the signing, Petronas was represented by its vice president of exploration and production business Abdullah Karim… Sarawak Shell by Shell Malaysia chairman Datuk Jonathan Chadwick”: Tuesday 30 August 2005: READ

JULY 2005

AFX Europe (Focus): Malaysia's Petronas-Shell jv makes 5th successive gas discovery: Wednesday Jul 06, 2005: Read the article

Lloyds List: New Malaysian find: “PETRONAS and Shell have made their fifth gas discovery off the northeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia in block PM301 and have started technical studies to develop the field.”: Tuesday July 12, 2005: Read the article Death on a Shell offshore platform in Sarawak waters: “A Shell internal email circulated yesterday notified Shell employees in Malaysia of the tragic death of a Shell contractor who collapsed during an emergency drill exercise held in the control room of an offshore platform located in Sarawak waters.”: 13.15pm Thursday 14 July 2005: Read the article A FOCUS ON SHELL’S UNETHICAL & RUTHLESS TREATMENT OF ITS MALAYSIAN EMPLOYEES: Saturday 16 July 2005: Read the article

JUNE 2005

The Jakarta Post: Shell hopes Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia resolve maritime disputes soon: “Royal Dutch/Shell said on Tuesday it hopes territorial disputes over oil-rich maritime areas involving three Southeast Asian countries will be resolved quickly to enable exploration to go ahead: 14 June 2005: Read the article

Yahoo Business News: Shell Malaysia: Refining Margin To Stay Strong Near Term: “sweet and sour crude…”: Tuesday 14 June 2005: Read the article

From the Malaysia Star: Shell to open more petrol stations: “SHELL Malaysia plans to invest RM150mil to open 15 new petrol stations and upgrade the existing 830 outlets nationwide, said managing director Mohzani Wahab.” Wednesday 15 June 2005: Read the article

Breaking news from AP Worldstream: Report: Helicopter carrying Shell employees crashes in sea, all 13 on board survive: “The Super Puma EC225 helicopter, with two pilots and 11 Shell Malaysia employees aboard, went down Saturday…”: 19 June 2005: Read the article

News in from the Malaysia Star: Shell: Pilots acted heroically: “Chadwick said comprehensive tests would be done to ensure the two copters were in good condition.”: Monday 20 June 2005: Read the article

The Borneo Post: Shell vs Dr John Huong trial adjourned to Nov 15: "Dr Huong, an ex-Shell employee, is suing the company, alleging that he was unfairly dismissed.": "Huong, a geologist by qualification, had worked with Shell for almost 30 years before his dismissal on March 28, 2003." Posted 23 June 2005: Read the article

THE BORNEO POST: Former employee suing Shell: "Dr John Huong, an ex-Shell employee, is suing Shell in the Industrial Court here, alleging that he had been unfairly dismissed by the company." Posted 22 June 2005: Read the article Shell whistleblower, Dr John Huong, a Shell geologist of almost 30 years standing faces Shell in court today in his action for wrongful dismissal against his former employer: 15 June 2005: Read the article

MAY 2005

Yahoo Business News (Australia): MALAYSIA BUSINESS BRIEFS: Shell Refining In Financing Deal ( 10 May 05

Yahoo Biz: MALAYSIA PRESS: Shell Refining To Sign MYR532M Loan Pact: “Shell Refining, which operates an oil refinery south of Kuala Lumpur, has MYR577.6 million in outstanding unsecured term loans, the report says.” ( 12 May 05

New Straits Times (Malaysia): Shell Refining seeks new loan to repay debt ( 12 May 05

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell unit to prepay outstanding balance of RM1.4b loans ( 13 May 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Diesel From Natural Gas Could Cut Smog: “gas-to-liquids (GTL)": “In all, some $20 billion has been committed to build an unprecedented array of clean diesel plants in this Gulf shore industrial park. Those chipping in include oil titans Royal Dutch/Shell Group, ChevronTexaco Corp. and Exxon Mobil Corp…”: “The largest GTL plant now producing is Shell's plant in Bintulu, Malaysia, churning out 14,700 barrels per day.” ( 15 May 05

Malaysia Star: Shell Refining posts record first quarter net profit ( 19 May 05

Malaysia Star: World-class dialysis facility: “Shell Malaysia chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick and Petronas Sarawak general manager Ahmad Rahmad were also present. Shell had donated RM1.1mil to help build the centre while Petronas gave RM1mil.” ( 22 May 05 Nearly 400 former Shell staff still wait on Malaysian Appeal Court hearing after winning their High Court Case claim against Shell: “Counsel for the plaintiffs, Datuk Dr Cyrus Das, brought to the courts attention the fact that the majority of the plaintiffs are well over the age of 60 and in weak and declining health. Posted 26 May 05

APRIL 2005

AFX Asia (Focus): Malaysia's Petronas-Shell JV makes fourth successive gas discovery ( 14 April 05

Washington Times: Shell subsidiary finds more Malaysia gas ( Posted 15 April 05

Business Times (Malaysia): Petronas, Shell find gas in Block PM301: “…a joint venture between Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd and Shell Exploration and Production Malaysia BV, has made its fourth gas discovery in Block PM301 off the north-east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.” ( 15 April 05

Lloyds List: Further Shell gas find off Malaysia: “SHELL has discovered more gas off the northeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia with the Bumi South well and is considering a multi-field development.” ( 19 April 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: UK market share gains to bolster Imperial growth: “Shell… is unlikely to provide positive news on production, and could suffer from its greater reliance on production-sharing deals with countries such as Nigeria, Malaysia and the UAE.” ( 25 April 05

MARCH 2005

AFX Europe (Focus): Malaysia's PM says Petronas sure oil area belongs to country – report: “Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says national oil company Petroliam Nasional Bhd is certain the area near Sipadan island, where it granted an oil exploration concession to Royal Dutch/Shell Group, belongs to Malaysia…”: “Indonesian Foreign Ministry spokesman Marty Natalegawa was quoted by Agence France-Presse as saying: "In our view, the granting of the concession is an inappropriate and unlawful act." ( 1 March 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Malaysia seeks end to dispute on oil with Indonesia: “Malaysia said yesterday it would seek talks to end a dispute with Indonesia over potentially oil-rich waters off Borneo after Jakarta took the unusual step of sending warships to the area.”: “Malaysia and Indonesia claim sovereignty over the waters in the Sulawesi Sea. The dispute has been stoked by a decision last month by Petronas, the Malaysian state oil group, to award exploration rights to Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil group.” ( 4 March 05

AFX Europe (Focus): Indonesia urges Unocal to proceed with Ambalat oil block exploration – report: “The government is asking Unocal Indonesia Ventures Ltd to proceed with exploration activities in the Ambalat oil and gas block although the area is under territorial dispute with Malaysia”: “Tension emerged between Indonesia and Malaysia after the latter's state oil company Petronas granted energy giant Shell a concession in the Ambalat area on February 16.” ( 7 March 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Malaysia, Indonesia To Settle Oil Dispute Peacefully: “The leaders of Malaysia and Indonesia agreed Monday to diplomatically resolve a growing dispute over an offshore oil field in an area where both countries have sent warships and planes in recent days.”: “The latest problems with the oil field began when Malaysia's national oil company, Petronas, awarded production-sharing contracts in February to two of Shell's Malaysian units and to Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. for two deep-water blocks.” ( Posted 8 March 05

Asia Pulse: SHELL SUSPECTED OF ILLEGALLY USING AMBALAT OIL DATA: “Dutch oil giant Shell, which is in the center of tense border dispute between Indonesia and Malaysia, is suspected to have illegally used data about the oil potential of Ambalat…”: “"If Shell bought the oil block offered by Malaysia based on the same data it is tantamount to stealing data…" ( 9 March 05

BBC Monitoring Service: Deputy PM urges Malaysians not to retaliate after Indonesian demos: “…demonstrations by Indonesians who went overboard in opposing Malaysia's award of oil and gas concessions in two blocks in the Sulawesi Sea to Shell” ( 9 March 05

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell ops will boost rentals in Miri: “RENTALS for houses in Miri, especially in the higher-end category, are expected to jump significantly this year after the area was designated as Shell Group’s Asia Pacific exploration hub and Shell Malaysia’s upstream base. The status is expected to see an influx of Shell Malaysia staff and contractors into Miri.” ( 19 March 05

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell to add high-value IT services: “THE Royal Dutch/Shell group plans to include several new high-value information technology (IT) services to Cyberjaya-based Shell Information Technology International Sdn Bhd (SITI) this year…” ( 24 March 05

Daily Express (Sabah, Malaysia) Results alone are no guarantee: Shell MD: “Profitability and high returns to stakeholders are among the distinguishing characteristics of high performing companies but results alone are insufficient to maintain a high performance culture, said Chairman of Shell Companies in Malaysia Datuk Jon Chadwick” ( Posted 31 March 05


THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Petronas, Shell Find Gas Offshore Peninsular Malaysia: "...a 50:50 joint venture between Royal Dutch/Shell Group (RD) and Malaysia's state-owned Petronas (PET.YY), has struck natural gas offshore Peninsula Malaysia." ( Posted 9 Feb 05

AFX Europe (Focus): SKorea taps Shell's Sakhalin II, Malaysia LNG, Yemen as long-term suppliers: “The commerce, industry and energy ministry said that it has picked the Shell-led Sakhalin Energy Investment Co, Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Malaysia LNG as preferred suppliers for 20-year LNG contracts worth a combined 20 bln usd.” ( 16 Feb 05

AFX Asia (Focus): Shell Malaysia Trading to invest 150 mln rgt in new outlets, upgrade - report ( 23 Feb 05

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell attributes contract success to Petronas ( 23 Feb 05

AFX Asia (Focus): Shell Malaysia Q4 net profit record high, thanks to strong refining margins ( Posted 24 Feb 05

AP Worldstream: Indonesia protests Malaysia's oil pacts in disputed waters: “Indonesia on Friday protested Malaysia's move to award oil production sharing contracts to Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Cos. in two offshore blocks, which Indonesia claims are within its territory. The step is "a violation to Indonesia's sovereignty," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in statement.” ( 25 Feb 05

Reuters: Indonesia protests at Malaysian deal with Shell: “Indonesia said on Sunday it had lodged a protest against a Malaysian oil production sharing contract with Anglo-Dutch giant Royal Dutch/Shell in an offshore area Jakarta claims as its territory”: "Indonesia believes that Malaysia has no right to give concessions in that area. Awarding a concession by Petronas to Shell is a violation of Indonesian territory," ( 27 Feb 05

The Jakarta Post (Indonesia): Malaysia says Shell oil concession within its waters: “Malaysia on Monday rejected a protest from Indonesia for granting Shell an oil exploration concession in an area claimed by Jakarta, saying the bloc was within Malaysian territory” ( 28 Feb 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Malaysia Brushes Off Protest By Indonesia Over Oil Blocks: “Malaysia said Monday it had every right to award oil production contracts to Royal Dutch/Shell Group in two offshore blocks, dismissing protests and claims over the oil field by Indonesia.” ( 28 Feb 05


Business Times (Malaysia): Globalisation presents a challenge: “Domestically, Shell Malaysia's discovery of two new oil fields last year namely Malikai-1 and Gumusut in Sabah will open more engineering supply and service opportunities in 2005.” ( 3 Jan 05 (India): Shell chips in with funds for Tsunami relief: Two million dollars will be donated locally and distributed through the local companies in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Malaysia to Tsunami relief funds.”: “An additional one million dollar is being raised through local Shell schemes.” ( 4 Jan 05

BUSINESS TIMES (Malaysia): Petra Perdana secures deal to support Shell ops: “PETRA Perdana Bhd has secured a RM600 million contract to support Shell companies’ operations in waters off Sarawak and Sabah.” ( 7 Jan 05

Business Times (Malaysia): UK investments in Malaysia to focus on services sector: “Oil and gas is another major sector which has seen strong participation from companies like Shell, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is investing US$1 million (US$1 = RM3.80) a day into developing oil and gas fields and downstream activities, mainly off Sarawak. It invested US$400 million in the previous year.” ( 10 Jan 05

New Straits Times (Malaysia): TV3 steps on the gas: “HAVING received tremendous response from viewers in its first season, TV3's Destinasi Selera Bersama Shell Gas makes a comeback for the second season…”: “Brought exclusively by Shell Gas Malaysia, the programme attained more than one million viewers in the previous season. This time, it will feature a "traditional dishes and local culture" travelogue concept.” ( 17 Jan 05


Asia Pulse (India): ROYAL DUTCH/SHELL TO IMPORT LNG BY FIRST QUARTER OF 2005: “Royal Dutch/Shell on Friday said it will begin importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) at its Hazira terminal in Gujarat by first quarter of 2005 and is looking at sourcing the fuel from Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Oman or Nigeria…” ( 6 Dec 04

AFX Europe (Focus): Malaysia's Sapuracrest wins 37.84 mln usd contract from Brunei Shell: “Sapuracrest Petroleum Bhd said it has been awarded a 37.84 mln usd contract to transport and install oil rigs for Brunei Shell Petroleum Co.” ( 7 Dec 04

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Versatile Malaysian Refiner Is Starting to Turn Some Heads: “KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Sharply higher oil prices have hit most Asian refiners hard. But Malaysian Shell Refining, a low-profile local subsidiary of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group, is cashing in and rewarding investors.” ( 15 Dec 04

TIMES OF OMAN: Shell Oman unveils plans for key social investment projects: “During the event, Shell also revealed a ‘Shell Traffic Park’ initiative, to be conducted in coordination with the Royal Oman Police and Shell Oman Marketing Company. This initiative will be developed in line with similar schemes developed by Shell in Singapore and Malaysia.” ( 19 Dec 04 (Malaysia): Shell Secures Funds To Develop Newly-discovered Oil Fields Off Sabah: “Shell Malaysia has secured the funds it needs to develop two new oil fields discovered off Sabah this year, its Chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick said.” ( Posted 20 Dec 04

DAILY EXPRESS NEWS (Malaysia): Shell ready to develop new oil finds off Sabah: Shell Malaysia has secured the funds it needs to develop two new oil fields discovered off Sabah this year, its Chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick said here Sunday. ( Posted 21 Dec 04

BERNAMA (Malaysia): Shell Malaysia Invests Rm70 Mln Over Past Four Decades: “Shell Malaysia, the country's largest direct foreign investor, has invested about RM70 billion over the past four decades, according to the "Shell Malaysia Sustainable Development Report 2003." ( 22 Dec 04

NOVEMBER 2004 Malaysia Shell To Award MYR385M Gas Drilling Contracts: “KUALA LUMPUR (Dow Jones)--Shell Malaysia Wednesday confirmed it will award five contracts later in the day worth a total MYR385 million ($101 million) for the upgrading of drilling facilities at key gas production sites." 3 November 2004

Bernama (Nov 4 04): Shell To Invest Another RM12 Bln In Malaysia: Shell which has been operating in Malaysia for the last 114 years and invested over RM70 billion in the last four decades plans to invest another RM12 billion from 2004 to 2008, said Chairman of Shell Malaysia, Datuk Jon Chadwick: 4 November 2004

TheStarOnline (Malaysia): Petra gets RM600mil Shell job: “INTEGRATED oil and gas services provider Petra Perdana Bhd, through subsidiary Petra Resources Sdn Bhd, has received from Sabah Shell Petroleum Co Ltd and Sarawak Shell Bhd a Letter of Intent to award a contract to undertake major maintenance and retrofit services for their offshore facilities in east Malaysia.” ( 6 Nov 04

Asia Times: Shell plans to source LNG for sale in India: “Royal Dutch/Shell is planning to source liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Oman, Qatar, Malaysia and Australia for sale in India from the first quarter of 2005. ( 23 Nov 04

Yahoo! News: Malaysia's Shell Refining 3Q Net At Record-High MYR185M: "For the third consecutive quarter, we have delivered record profitability," Chairman Jon Chadwick said in a press statement. ( Posted 23 Nov 04


TheStarOnline (Malaysia): Why is Shell Refining BHD's share price rising?: “Just before Shell started rising over the past one week, the Government of Singapore Investment Corp Pte Ltd (GIC) bought more shares in Shell, adding to its ownership of 5% in the company. GIC bought 31,400 shares in Shell on Sept 16 and 21.": 5 October 2004 Daily: Shell expects Malaysian oil, gas production to increase: “Shell, which helped to turn Malaysia into the world's third biggest liquefied natural gas producer, expects oil and gas output in Malaysia to equal 767,000 barrels a day of oil this year, said Jonathan Chadwick, chairman of Shell Refining Co, the group's publicly traded Malaysian refining unit": 5 Oct 2004

New Straits Times: Ageing and sickly, ex-Shell staff wait on court: “Some have died. Others are losing their memory and many are ailing.”: “399 former employees of Sarawak Shell Bhd and Sabah Shell Petroleum Co Ltd engaged in a protracted legal battle with their ex-employers…” “claiming that they unlawfully deducted money from their internal retirement funds…”: “They won their case at the Miri High Court on Sept 20 but their employers filed an appeal.”: “For now, all they can do is hope their time doesn't run out.": 7 October 2004

Daily Express (Malaysia): Oil leak not from pipelines: Shell: “Kota Kinabalu: Shell Malaysia and Sabah Shell Petroleum Company said the oil slick off Labuan was not caused by any leak in the pipelines of Sabah Shell Petroleum Company." 22 October 2004


AFX Europe (Focus): Malaysia's Petra Perdana unit wins 11 mln rgt contract from Sarawak Shell: 1 Sept 2004

Business Times (Malaysia): CSR schemes can help raise shareholder value: “forum, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Co, Shell and Genting group": 3 September 2004 Shell Malaysia’s Jintan gas field comes onstream: 6 September 2004

AFX Europe (Focus): Malaysia's Petronas-Shell jv makes new gas discovery: 7 September 2004

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Nippon Oil To Start LNG Production in Sarawak, Malaysia: “Shell Malaysia, a unit of Royal Dutch/Shell Group (RD) is the main project operator.": 7 September 2004

Business Times (Malaysia): Petronas-Shell joint venture strikes gas again: 8 September 2004

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell shares rise on gas discovery news: “SHARES of Shell Refining Co (Federation of Malaya) Bhd rose briefly yesterday following reports that its joint venture with Petronas had made another gas discovery offshore Kelantan.": 9 September 2004

Business Times (Malaysia): MOU to increase trade ties with Aussie state: 10 September 2004

Business Times (Malaysia): Retail sector may see extra RM400m in festive sales: “Such changes, it said, should attract the right investments in upstream exploration to reverse the trend of Malaysia's dwindling oil reserves. The recent deep-water discoveries by Shell and Murphy Oil have not been a catalyst for such incentives.": 15 September 2004

The StarOnline (Malaysia): Shell to invest RM50mil on 50 autoserv outlets nationwide: 17 September 2004

Reuters: Shell makes oil find off Malaysia: "We are delighted to announce this highly significant discovery, our second offshore Sabah oil discovery within a year," Shell Malaysia Chairman Jon Chadwick said in the statement on Wednesday.: 22 September 2004

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell's service efficiency scheme to boost jobs: “The official was asked to comment on a news report posted on the's website recently which said that Shell is cutting 600 to 800 IT jobs in the US and relocating them offshore, mainly to India and Malaysia.": 24 September 2004

New Straits Times (Malaysia): Major oil discovery off Sabah ..LD: KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - Shell Malaysia announced today that a Shell-Petronas Carigali-Conoco Phillips joint venture has made another important oil discovery in waters offshore Sabah. The discovery was made by the Malikai-1: 24 Sept 2004

Business Times (Malaysia): Oil stocks rally on joint venture discovery off Sabah: “SELECTED oil-related counters closed higher yesterday on heavy volume following news of a major oil discovery off Sabah by a Shell-Petronas Carigali- Conoco Phillips joint venture, dealers said.": 24 September 2004

Sarawak News: 399 Ex-Employees Of Shell Win Suit For Refund Estimated At RM100 Million: “The Miri High Court has ordered Sarawak Shell Bhd (SSB), Sabah Shell Petroleum Co Ltd (SSPC), the Trustees of Shell Sarawak and Sabah Retirement Fund (SSSRBF) and Shell Sarawak and Sabah Provident Fund (SSSPF), to pay nearly RM100 million to 399 former employees" (Sabah Shell Petroleum Co Ltd is a UK company) 26 September 2004

New Straits Times (Malaysia): The question of overlapping claims on two new oil and gas blocks offshore east Sabah does not arise, as the areas are solely within Malaysia's jurisdiction, Foreign Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman said today.: “On Sept 22, Shell and its joint venture partners PCSB and ConocoPhillips made significant discoveries at Malikai-1 in the Block G exploration well in Sabah.": 29 Sept 2004


Business Times (Malaysia); Scomi unit gets Shell deal: 27 August 2004

Business Times (Malaysia): Shell wins MSOSH awards: 24 August 2004

The Wall Street Journal: Shell Malaysia, Petronas Carigali Successful Drill: 20 August 2004

YahooNews: Shell, Petronas Drill Malaysia's Deepest Oil, Gas Well: 20 August 2004

The Malaysia Star: Shell Refining posts highest quarterly profit: “Chairman Jon Chadwick said: “We are pleased with this back-to-back achievement, surpassing even the record profit for the first quarter this year.": 17 August 2004

JULY 2004

The Times: Need to Know: “Royal Dutch/Shell has sold nearly a quarter of its Malaysian unit for an estimated $123 million": 9 July 2004

The Wall Street Journal: Shell Sold 24% Of Its Malaysian Refining Company Thursday: “dogged for months by a scandal over the accounting of its oil and natural gas reserves": 9 July 2004 Shell Offers to Sell $103 Mln Stake in Malaysian Unit (Update2): 8 July 2004


NEWSFLASH 4 JULY 2004: 8 DIFFERENT SHELL COMPANIES, ONE IN THE UK, ONE IN HOLLAND AND SIX IN THE FAR EAST, HAVE ISSUED A WRIT IN THE HIGH COURT OF MALAYA AT KUALA LUMPUR (CIVIL DIVISION) AND OBTAINED A RESTRAINING ORDER IN RELATION TO PAGES ON THIS WEBSITE THE LITIGATION (SUIT NO. S2-23-41-2004) RELATES TO DR JOHN HUONG AKA "Shell Whistleblower No2": Dr John Huong, is a former Shell geologist of almost 30 years standing. He revealed on this website his remarkable insider views about unscrupulous conduct within the Royal Dutch Shell Group, their underhand tactics and the intimidation which Shell applied to him and his family.

Malaysian Times: Petronas gets Indon oil retailing licence: 1 July 2004

JUNE 2004 Nippon Oil Starts Commercial Gas Production In Malaysia: 21 June 2004


Daily Express (Malaysia): Shell’s assurance on environmental care: 18 June 2004 Shell Delivers First Gas From Malaysia's Serai Project: 18 June 2004 Shell to shift IT jobs to India, Malaysia: 8 June 2004

MAY 2004

APRIL 2004

TheStarOnline: Shell to cut cost by outsourcing work to Malaysia, India: April 2004


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